CPS Local School Council (LSC) Elections April 10-11, 2024

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“It should be the norm that every single student in this country is guaranteed a quality education no matter where they live, which tax bracket their family might fall into, or their race. And it’s unfortunate that it has to be argued so often and politicized.”

 – Genel Fowler 

Greetings Craig,

Local School Council (LSC) Elections are being held on Wednesday, April 10th, for Elementary Schools and Thursday, April 11, 2024, for High Schools.

Although the general community, which includes COAL, receive very little information from CPS leading up to LSC Elections, COAL encourages the community to vote for LSCs for schools within your respective area, should you have the time and interest (and we should). And, importantly, to those of you who are well-informed and engaged, it is imperative that you do vote. For many, there will be multiple schools for which you can cast votes.

Please note that as we focus on improving public education in Chicago, LSCs are another area of concern requiring our community's attention. There are issues such as:

  • Improving CPS transparency, communication and engagement with the community - information on LSC Elections, as one example, is poorly disseminated;
  • Advocating for LSCs having / retaining the authority required to effectively provide school governance as intended (see responsibilities below);
  • Providing mechanisms for LSCs to challenge CPS overriding LSC decisions;
  • Reversing the Mayor's unilateral decision to eliminate School Resource Officer (SRO)s and making this an LSC decision for its respective school (please read Principal Morrow's commentary below);
  • Ensuring every school has a fully functioning LSC; and
  • Ensuring each LSC receives the training required to effectively carry out its responsibilities.

COAL commits, point-forward, to doing its part towards our community being better-informed on all things LSC and adding this to its Education agenda.

Our children deserve a quality education.


COAL Board of Directors


"The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us..."

Let Us be intentional in all aspects of the Work that must be done.


Local School Councils have been a facet of Chicago school governance since 1989. LSCs have at least 12 seats, which are voted on every two years.

The councils are traditionally made up of the school’s principal, six parents, two community members, two teachers, one non-teaching staff, and one to three students. This year, for the first time in the district’s history, elementary students in the sixth grade are eligible to serve one-year terms on their school’s LSC.

Local School Councils are responsible for:

  • Approving how school funds and resources are allocated.
  • Developing and monitoring the school’s Continuous Improvement Working Plan (CIWP).
  • Principal selection and contract renewals.
  • Principal evaluation.

 Additionally, LSC members are critical partners on a number of other school issues and programs.


When to Vote

  •  Elementary Schools vote on Wednesday, April 10th from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • High Schools vote on Thursday, April 11th from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

(new terms of Office begin July 1, 2024)

Where to Vote

Who Can Vote

  • All CPS parents, legal guardians, and temporary custodians of students;
  • All CPS students at their school of attendance;
  • All CPS paid staff within the school building they work in for more than 50% of their time;
  • All community members who are Chicago residents and reflect a residential address within the school’s attendance area or voting district at least 17 years old; 
  • US citizenship is not a requirement to vote.

Voting Instructions for Parents and Community Members

  • Make sure you only mark your choices with an "X". Any other mark will not be counted as a vote and will result in your entire ballot being thrown out;
  • A parent or community member may vote for up to 5 representatives (any combination of parent and community candidates);
  • Do not make more than five X's. Voting for more than 5 may result in your entire ballot being thrown out;
  • View sample ballots and other documents.

Required Identification to Vote

All voters must present at least two (2) current (unexpired) forms of identification which are determined to be reliable by the election judges.

For Chicago residents, one must show your current residential address within the school's voting district.

For CPS Parents, one must establish you as a parent, legal guardian, or temporary custodian of a student at the school.

Examples of Acceptable Forms of Identification

  • Driver's License
  • State of Illinois ID
  • Voter Registration Card
  • MediPlan/Medicaid Card
  • IDPA Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Matrícula Consular
  • Student ID
  • Public Library Card
  • Other Governmental Agency I.D.
  • Current Lease
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Employment ID
  • Court Documents
  • Chicago CityKey Card


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