CPESN NY, LLC announces Corporate Partner Member, Novo Nordisk, to expand diabetes education and resources for community pharmacies statewide 

Buffalo, N.Y. January 10, 2023 – CPESN NY LLC, an independent practice association of pharmacies focused on advancing community-based pharmacy practice, today announced a newly developed Corporate Partner Membership with Novo Nordisk (www.NovoNordisk.com), a leading global healthcare company, to increase awareness of diabetes education and access to resources for its member pharmacies and their communities across New York State. 

The COVID pandemic exposed the essential role of pharmacy in the healthcare profession and its profound impact on the communities they serve. With an estimated 1.6 million, or 10.5% of the adult population, diagnosed with diabetes in NYS (BRFSS 2019), patient-centered care services at the pharmacy level are vital. CPESN NY is determined to continue delivering innovative sustainable clinical-based programs and services, raising the standard of diabetes care statewide. 

CPESN NY provides diabetes-focused accredited programs and educational offerings that are opportunities to expand access and care to vulnerable populations. Presently, 20 CPESN NY pharmacies are involved in the state accreditation process, adding to the eight pharmacies that received accreditation earlier this year. The newly developed Corporate Partner Membership with Novo Nordisk will provide additional education, resources, and training to support and bolster their diabetes-focused programs and overall awareness efforts. Pharmacies are now transitioning their services to become leaders in diabetes management and helping change the lives of their patients every day. To date, CPESN NY pharmacies have screened over 1,000 patients for DSMES services and referred over 375 to current and external partners. 

“We look forward to the positive impact Novo Nordisk’s Corporate Partner Membership will have on our CPESN members and more importantly, on the patients in their practices. CPESN members have a passion for improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Our Corporate Partner Membership will strengthen our members’ ability to provide established, proven care methods while learning the latest therapies available,” said John Croce, President of CPESN NY. 

CPESN NY has developed a robust network of pharmacies offering enhanced clinical services and programs equitable to patients with diabetes. Novo Nordisk’s educational resources and regional team members will provide CPESN NY pharmacies direct access to the most recent information and resources while having a support team readily available to assist them. This brand-new Corporate Partner Membership is helping trailblaze the path for enhancing patient care in New York and is only the beginning. 


CPESN NY, LLC / IPA is a registered healthcare entity within NYS. It is an independent practice association that has developed a network of 275 pharmacies structured to advance community-based pharmacy practice. Its mission is to empower local pharmacies deeply rooted within the community by fostering the ability to provide high-quality, patient-centered enhanced services. CPESN NY pharmacies closely work with other providers on the patient’s care team to help coordinate medical treatment, which has led to better medication adherence, higher patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. CPESN NY is part of CPESN® USA, a nationwide network of pharmacy providers across America. To learn more, please visit www.cpesn.com. 

Media Contact: Heidi Daly, Marketing Director | CPESN NY, LLC | heidi@cpesnny.com