Volume 52 - June 19, 2024

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This newsletter includes our first letter from Pastor Arlene, photos from our Celebration of Music last week and more information about our "Pride" event on June 30th. Don't forget about our next hike - and please remember to update all your 'Realm' information

Our next newsletter is due on July 3rd - please let Sue or Christine know if you have items you would like to share

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Behaving Like Children - Pastor Arlene

As I enter the local church where my clergy group meets, I am struck by the joy-filled laughter coming from the children playing across the street at daycare. What excitement they have to simply be presented with a brand new day! They have such enthusiasm as they explore what is in reality the very same space they have played in for months, as though it is something amazing and brand new!

Jesus says that for people to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we too must become like young children (Matt 18:3), and for good reason. Through a child's eyes all things are possible, the ordinary becomes magical, and every day is a grand adventure. THIS is how we begin our summer together at CPC Ringwood!

There is so much for us to discover and all of it is so very exciting. Each day is a grand, new adventure of getting to know one another and the things that make this faith community so special, beautiful and unique. It 

will be a time for joy and laughter, as we actively listen and learn about one another and set off discovering something amazing and brand new in this familiar place that has been “home” to many of you for many years. The 

Christian faith is a life-giving faith of joy and hope, so please, plan to share your joy with me and with others, and invite them to join in our exciting journey, too!

Ron and I will be moving to Ringwood on Monday, July 1 and this is my "official" start date as your new pastor. However, I have the honor of doing pulpit supply on June 30th and look forward to this special day of pride at CPC. I lead worship for the first time as your new pastor on July 7.

After this, office hours will be Monday - Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as my scheduled days off. As I settle in, my hours will be flexible, but I am available to meet by scheduling a specific hour through our Office Administrator, Christine, or you can email me at rev.arleneromaine@gmail.com, or text/call me directly at 201-895-1621.

I look forward to getting to know you, as we behave like the joy-filled children of God Jesus promises we can, and should, be!

Celebration of Music Service

Last Sunday's Fathers’ Day service was a special "Celebration of Music" with contributions from an extended choir, including alumni who have supported us over many years, the adult bell choir and a brass ensemble. It was Jim Weber’s last Sunday with us after seventeen years as our Organist and Choir Director as he moves to take up a position at a church nearer his home and family in Maryland. 

We said ‘farewell and thank you’ to Jim and celebrated our CPC music programs the only way possible - with music. If you missed the service, you can click the link below to watch it on the CPC YouTube channel. A big thank you to Neil McDonald for all his time and work in putting this special celebration together!

Click here to watch the service

Church Hiking Group

Our hike this month was a relaxing stroll through part of the Skylands Manor estate. It was a perfect sunny morning, warm but with low

humidity, the kind of day that makes you glad to be alive! Perhaps that is why our group was 10 strong! We explored the fenced garden

on the far side of the crabapple walk, and although we were too late to see the best of their collection of mountain laurel varieties, there

was still plenty to see and enjoy. The combination of fresh air, and good fellowship was certainly a great start to the weekend.

Next month's hike will be on SATURDAY JULY 13th so mark your calendars. July's hike will be of the more challenging variety, weather

permitting, and at this time of the year, that means if it is too hot, we won't go. 

Any questions or suggestions - call or text Colin at 201-741-6090


Last Sunday, after the service, I was given these beautiful flowers. I am very grateful and the gift also reminded me that we can all contribute to this enhancement of our weekly service and include in the bulletin whatever dedication we would like. I have signed up for June 30th to honor the fact that "Love makes a family" - and I would encourage you to sign up for a Sunday too. For $15 you can contribute to the service and take the flowers home afterwards (or give two unexpected and much appreciated gifts to unsuspecting recipients!). Thank you to the "Flower Ladies" who make this happen.

Sign up to provide flowers

Don't Forget to Update Your Realm Account!

Many members of the congregation already have a 'realm account'. You can go to https://onrealm.org/CommunityPresby/ to sign in - or to sign up for a new account. 

  1. Sign into your account - or create a new one.
  2. Follow the instructions on the 'Info' page to upload a current photo to your account and to update your contact information

Presbytery Update

GA226 for Observers

A great deal of information is available for the training and preparation of commissioners and advisory delegates to the 226th General Assembly (2024).

In an effort to engage other Presbyterians and friends who may or may not be attending the meeting in person, a new web page has been launched in order to provide education and information.

Resources curated from PC(USA) podcasts, webinars, and documents on being Presbyterian, how the Assembly works, and equity and inclusion are available.

Read more

Spirituality of the Twelve Steps

According to well-known authors Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating, Alcoholic Anonymous’ Twelve Step program will go down in history as “America’s greatest contribution to practical spirituality in the 20th century!” AA and its related programs have only expanded their reach as the addiction crisis has grown.

On May 29, 2024, Highlands Presbytery and its partners were invited to learn from the Rev. Tom Scornavacchi, mission developer and pastor of the Common Ground Recovery Community, with two sites and multiple ministry opportunities centered around Reading, Pennsylvania.

Read more here

Just a note in this context for our CPC congregation. Christine received a text from the AA group, who use the church, saying that they had 43 participants at a recent meeting and "it was awesome". They are very grateful for the hospitality which is extended to them by the church.