A Message from Our Executive Director
Above: Mural of a mom nursing her baby among the city blight is just around the corner from our Howard Street location.
Dear Friends,

There are so many things that we wish you all knew about our ministry. The shocking things we witness reflect of our changing cultural norms and expanding culture of death. The real-life horror stories our clients share with us regarding their life experience and their challenges can sometimes overwhelm us. Our clients are often people forgotten and overlooked: the abused, the trafficked, the undocumented, the addicted, the neglected, the sick, and the confused come to our Howard Street facility (Options@328) every day. Their needs challenge us. We cannot fully prepare for their unimaginable life stories, which are often very dark and complicated. 

Our team recently had the privilege of serving a woman who had experienced abuse, human trafficking, addiction, and violence. When we first met this client a few weeks ago, her pregnancy test was confirmed and she had embraced parenting her child, even though the father of the baby wanted her to abort. Sadly, after a few short weeks, she experienced another blow and miscarried her baby. 

Having nowhere else to turn after being rejected by her boyfriend and her recovery housemates, she came back to our center seeking help in dealing with her loss. CPC was able to support her, validate her loss, and link her to a specialized local ministry. We were fortunate to be there for her, to pray with her, and to grieve with her. Be sure to read about this miscarriage ministry below.

I'm also happy to share that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. We thank all pastors for their service to the Lord and our communities. Additionally, we are excited to share the Year in Review graphic for Options@328.

Please continue to keep the success of our ministry and those clients we serve in your prayers.

Every good wish,

Gina Ruppert
Executive Director 
October is Pastor Appreciation Month

This month we ask that you please join us as we pray for all Pastors.

Dear God,

Every good and perfect gift comes from you. We want to thank you for our pastors. They are an excellent gift to the church and to our communities. We want to thank you for the great sacrifice that pastors make to ensure that we grow spiritually.

Lord, continue to bless them and their work. Grant them wisdom that they may know how to teach the Word in a way that brings people closer to your son, Jesus Christ. Please grant them knowledge and understanding when they counsel people who are going through difficult challenges.

In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray,

Pastor Fellowship & Luncheon Event
CPC is extending an invitation to current pastors and those new to our ministry for a luncheon in downtown Baltimore on Thursday, November 11th at 12:00 noon. The purpose of this event is to expand our mission partnerships with churches in the region. A complimentary gourmet lunch will be provided. If you and/or your designee are interested in attending, be sure to register before November 1st. For questions, please contact Paula Caponiti, Development Director, at 443-884-9208 or send an email. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, November 11th!
Year in Review at our Howard Street Location
CPC's Miscarriage Resources
COVID has changed how many organizations operate. CPC has spent the past year vetting all our referral organizations to make sure our clients can still get the services they need without experiencing any obstacles to care.

While accompanying women during their pregnancies, sometimes a baby dies through miscarriage. We then continue walking with our clients, and can refer them to a Christian ministry that helps people of all faiths. This miscarriage healing ministry, the Holy Innocents, assists those who have experienced a pregnancy loss at home or in a secular hospital. This ministry will pray with the woman or family, take custody of the remains, and bury the baby in consecrated ceremony, validating and dignifying this life – all free of charge! CPC is tender-hearted and we refer to other organizations that also express Christ's love and tender care. Clients can rely on CPC for help!
Mount Calvary Church Tours Options@328
Thanks to Mount Calvary Church Pastor, Rev. Al Scharbach and parishioner, Nancy (far left), for visiting Options@328 for a tour. We are happy to host any pastor, church member, student group, and supporter. Come see what God is doing through CPC and Options@328.
Baby Blessing Amazon Registry Update
CPC was BLOWN AWAY by the generous response to last month's call for baby items from our Baby Blessings Gift Registry on Amazon. Pictured above are the items you purchased! Thanks to you, we are stocked up with clothing and baby items. Thank you again for your generous support!
CPC Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Christina Iwuagwu, Volunteer Client Advocate at CPC's Howard Street Location.

Christina, who will soon be celebrating her first wedding anniversary to husband, Charlito, relocated from Northern Virginia to Maryland last year and lives in Catonsville. A former volunteer at Divine Mercy Care, another Christian pro-life ministry, she is especially grateful to help her fellow neighbors here in Baltimore City. "I had a fear of cities growing up, but now that I am here, I can see how important it is to come into the city to work alongside women and families in support of life."

Christina started with CPC this past June and loves how relational CPC's ministry is, "There is no judgement here. We are women from various Christian denominations and we all get along so well, it is all about being God's children and extending Christ's love to our neighbors in need. It's so healing to see how all the women I work with are overflowing with grace and really want to help and be kind to everyone we encounter." CPC has an ecumenical Christian goal, to extend God's loving embrace to women in need, listen to their specific situations, and offer support and resources based on their needs which give women true choices and options when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Christina and her husband worship at Redemption City Church on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore City. We are so glad you are here!
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Our Mission
The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns is a locally organized and funded volunteer ministry demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by providing abortion alternatives to women who find themselves in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. We service clients by addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We also strive to provide accurate and complete information on prenatal development and abortion. We believe access to this information is needed in order to provide our clients with the facts, allowing them to make informed decisions. Ultimately, we desire to protect the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our clients and their unborn children. We also provide emotional support and resources to any woman who comes to us having had an abortion. We believe our ministry to these and all women is to share the love of Jesus Christ.
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