Plano Coudon Construction continues working at 328 Howard St. The pictures are of the concrete column footers that were poured on Tuesday and the basement concrete slab poured on Wednesday and Thursday. You will also see a picture of Gina and Dan Schwab, the Project Manager. Gina was there as the basement floor was being poured and she was able to bury the Jerusalem cross and several holy medals in the concrete. We know the foundation is firm!

What's happening next--first floor concrete pour, steel erection and wood framing for the first floor. Every process in impacted by Covid-19 but progress continues!

We are truly blessed that work is progressing in these exceptional times. We will share pictures of the progress regularly.

Please pray for a smooth, uneventful construction process and a GRAND OPENING in the Summer of 2020.

Put Howard St. on every possible prayer list!!