November 2020
The Doors are Open!!
Dear Friends,

This week we officially begin seeing clients at Options@328 and we already have 2 sonograms scheduled! Opening the doors to Howard St. has had many challenges but God has given us the resources needed and the strength to persevere. We are so thankful for your prayers and financial support. I would especially like to thank each and every person who supported our Virtual Ribbon Cutting. I  also invite anyone who would like a tour of Options@328 to contact us to make arrangements. We will do this in socially distant, small groups. All are welcome.

Before Options@328 was officially open, we had our first walk-in visitors.  A couple came to our doors, scared and in distress. The woman had visited Planned Parenthood for an abortion. She felt uneasy and upset and left. She was brought to our door by her boyfriend, who asked if we could help. We were able to talk with her and calm her down. Since we were still waiting for our final permits at Howard St., we scheduled her for a sonogram a few days later at our Essex Center. She spent over an hour with our nurse and was able to see her baby on the sonogram. We also shared resources for insurance and prenatal care with her. When she left, she had a lot to think about. She was considering her options. This week, when the nurse followed up with her, she told her that she has enrolled in prenatal care and has chosen life! Please keep this young woman and her baby, our very first Options@328 client, in your prayers.  

We were also recently contacted by a woman looking to reverse her chemical abortion. Our nurse helped her obtain the prescription needed to stop the abortion pill’s effects and we will be available to her for follow-up sonograms, if needed. 

These life-saving services are only possible because of the time, contributions and prayers of so many people who have worked to keep the pro-life flame burning in the metropolitan Baltimore area. We are proud to honor two of these very special people whose efforts have greatly impacted CPC. We would like to recognize these two pro-life leaders and thank them for their dedication to pro-life pregnancy centers. Please watch our award video to see this year's award recipients. 

Many thanks,
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