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Dear HCEG Colleagues and Friends:

First and foremost, we express gratitude for all those in the military, past and present, as we thanked and honored them on Veterans day. We salute you all.

As for healthcare, it looks like continuing uncertainty. COVID-19 is still exploding, the election implications continue to unfold, and technology, innovation, and interoperability - the building-blocks of population health - are all accelerating. Meanwhile, consumer mindsets are changing in dramatic and unanticipated directions.
The good news is that healthcare is moving forward - rapidly. One of the inspiring comments from a recent HCEG webinar was the thought that “the future of healthcare doesn’t need (and can’t) rely on technology from the past.” Enjoy our summary of thought leadership, inspiring solutions to major challenges and the opportunity to network with healthcare colleagues around the country.

And if we don’t connect again before, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe and stay well,

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A Faxless Future: Dare We Dream?
Did you know that the fax machine accounts for 75% of all medical communication?

Someday, fax machines might be repurposed for a useful life after they retire from their long-running service to the healthcare industry.

See this short, light-hearted video from our sponsor Surescripts demonstrating the ‘artifax’ that may result from repurposed fax machines.
Recapping October Webinar Series Events
The Care We All Strive For: The Impact of Interoperability
Our October 28th Webinar Series was presented by our sponsor Surescripts and included a two-act skit on what it feels like to be a patient, provider, pharmacist, and payer in a world where interoperability is lacking (Act I) and a world where interoperability is vast (Act II).

Check out the webinar recording and our latest blog post sharing highlights of the webinar, how interoperability is becoming more pervasive, and responses to attendee questions.
Three Physician Perspectives on COVID-19 Impact to Fall Season
Earlier in October, HCEG hosted a discussion with three physician executives who shared their observations, experiences, and insight about how COVID-19 has impacted healthcare and healthcare stakeholders.

Access a recording of the webinar here and check out our 3-part blog series and Q & A sharing highlights of that conversation. Learn what’s changed, what’s remained the same, and what we can expect this fall season.

ICYMI: Industry Pulse COVID-19 Flash Report
If you haven’t seen the update to the 2020 Industry Pulse research survey released in February, check out the results and findings of the COVID-19 Flash Report that reveals how COVID-19 has reshuffled healthcare executives’ priorities.

See the press release here from our sponsor Change Healthcare, the entire Industry Pulse COVID-19 Flash Report here, and more information on the Industry Pulse and the 2020 HCEG Top 10 here.

You can also view this 2-minute video from David Gallegos, SVP Consulting Services at Change Healthcare.
On the HCEG Blog
Healthcare System Interoperability – The Key to the Care We All Strive For
What does it feel like to be a patient, provider, pharmacist, and payer in a world where interoperability is not always a reality?

And what improvements can be expected by healthcare stakeholders in a world where interoperability is vast?

Check out our latest blog post recapping the recent webinar presented by Surescripts.
Verify, Never Trust Anyone, Assume Breach…
Sponsor Webinar - November 20, 2020 - 2:00 PM ET

Beginning with plan years on or after January 1, 2021, all applicable payers must implement and maintain secure, standards-based application programming interfaces (API) that allows patients to access their claims, encounter, and clinical information through a third-party application of their choice.

Join this webinar led by Eugene Sayan, CEO of our sponsor Softheon, on November 20, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET as they discuss the evolution of healthcare - from Supply Chain Science to Interoperability - and what they have in common with the new healthcare landscape
Recent Sponsor News & Information
How Purpose-driven Interoperability and Data Quality Positioned Surescripts to Fill Communication Gaps During the Pandemic [Podcast]

CEO Tom Skelton addresses “data quality responsibility” and why a use-case-driven approach is your best path forward to achieving vast interoperability. Listen here
Cindy Garvin of Change Healthcare’s Healthcare consulting division shares information on Four Areas of Focus That Improve Outcomes for Your Population

HealthComp Addresses Complete MSK Care by Partnering with Hinge Health
HealthComp partners with Hinge Health, a virtual Digital Musculoskeletal Clinic, to offer 400,000+ members access to more effective care for back and joint pain.

The Benefits of Electronic Payments (especially during a pandemic)
Due to COVID-19, healthcare organizations should anticipate reduced interaction and contactless trends to continue for the foreseeable future.

Surescripts & Innovaccer Partner to Leverage Medication Data for Patients

The partnership will enable smart medication reconciliation and help healthcare stakeholders ensure that patients are complying with their care protocols. Read more
Insights from Our Partners
The Collective Voice of Health IT

In July of this year, WEDI (Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange) started a podcast series: The Collective Voice of Health IT.

Episode #1 kicked off with HCEG’s Ferris Taylor discussing how COVID-19 has greatly altered the priorities for healthcare organizations. 

Since that initial episode, a dozen podcasts featuring healthcare leaders and change-makers have been published.

Check out all podcasts here.
Interoperability Resources for Leaders & Change Makers

  • Good summary of the current status of the ONC Interoperability, Information Blocking and Health IT Certification Program Final Rule and the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule.

  • Change Healthcare’s Arien Malec, SVP of R&D; Deanne Kasim, Executive Director, Health Policy; and Paul L. Wilder, Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance discuss how healthcare interoperability gained increased urgency as a result of the pandemic

  • Panelists on HFMA’s podcast series discuss CMS’s upcoming deadline on interoperability requirements for payers.
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