Update from the Peruvian Amazon September 17, 2020
COVID Community Campaign Update

The CACE COVID Community Relief Campaign has reached its half-way mark. Since early August, we have delivered vital medicines and basic food and cleaning supplies to serve 16 partner communities in Loreto, Peru. 600 families received a package with rice, noodles, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and soap to last a few weeks. This effort has honed our logistic abilities and challenged our endurance.

Our program coordinator Yully Rojas contracted COVID-19 in mid-August - perhaps while buying relief supplies from poorly protected vendors in public markets. She is slowly recovering now after breathing supplemental oxygen for three weeks. Our newest team member Andrea Isuiza has now finished the first round of buying, packing and sending supplies to our partners on boats throughout the region.

While the crisis level health effects of COVID in our partner communities have subsided, people are still weak and need help to recover from the pandemic's devastating impact on their local economies. We will first address these needs by sending a second round of medicines and basic supplies to our partner communities. Where artisans are able to start working again, we are placing new orders for crafts for the Christmas season to give them some fresh income.

So many of our community partners have thanked us for these supplies that are helping them survive the worst conditions they have ever faced. We thank the Sisters of Mercy and everyone else who has contributed to this campaign so far. Please join this effort.

Fun Memories from Summer Festivals
We have loved attending summer music festivals to display the beautiful crafts made by our partner artisans, chat with people about our adventures in life, and welcome visitors to draw on our Community Art Mural, play the Nature Trivia Quiz or sport a Jaguar or Toucan Mask. Follow the links below to see and hear you, your friends and others having fun at our booth and showing off their proud purchase.
Many of our festival friends enjoyed doing our Rainforest Jigsaw Puzzle made with photos of people, plants, animals and crafts from the Amazon. Learn how to do the Amazon Ecology Rainforest Puzzle Online by yourself or with friends.
Please help our artisan partners recover from COVID by buying fair-trade crafts from our Amazon Forest Store. Buy 2 or more items before Oct. 1 to get 20% off an order with our SEPTEMBER SPECIAL (or enter this name at checkout). Check out our baskets, ayahuasca necklaces, butterfly barrettes, ornaments, hat bands, and totes.
We envision Amazonia as the place where people create sustainable livelihoods, form vibrant communities, and regenerate the world’s largest rainforest. CACE is committed to help make this dream a reality. Please join us.