COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Update - 05/27/21
As vaccine supply increases, MDPH is opening COVID-19 vaccine ordering through the MIIS to health care providers that meet specific requirements and issuing new inventory requirements for primary care providers and community health centers (CHCs). This letter also shares important changes to Pfizer vaccine storage and announces 450 dose packaging, guidance for viewing patient vaccination records reported to the MIIS, and other useful MIIS reports to identify patient immunization status.
Updated Inventory Requirements for Primary Care Providers and Community Health Centers
Primary Care Providers (internal medicine, family practice, pediatric, and multi-specialty) and community health centers must use COVID-19 vaccines within 4 weeks of receipt and must deplete existing inventory before an additional order is approved. Previously, all vaccines needed to be administered within 10 days of receipt. This requirement has been updated in response to an increased understanding of primary care providers' logistical issues as well as increased vaccine availability. All providers ordering, storing, and administering COVID-19 vaccines must have a completed MCVP agreement. Providers must also honor all requirements of the MCVP provider agreement, including reporting doses administered to the MIIS within 24 hours of administration.
Changes to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Storage & Packaging
The FDA has authorized longer time for refrigerator storage of thawed Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine prior to dilution. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine can now be stored in refrigerated temperatures (2°C to 8°C) for 30 days. 
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will also be available in smaller packaging options (450 doses) next week. As of May 28,  2021, providers will be able to order Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines in 450 dose increments. Ancillary kits to support this dose amount will also be shipped out. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine ordered in 450 increments will not receive the supplemental dry ice shipment like the larger packaging of 1170 doses. The following Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine NDCs will be available for ordering:
  • NDC: 59267-1000-02 – 450 doses 
  • NDC: 59267-1000-02 – 1170 doses
Viewing Patient Vaccination Records Reported to the MIIS
Health care providers are encouraged to view patient vaccinations reported to the MIIS by logging into the MIIS user interface or via bidirectional data connection between the MIIS and their EHR system. This gives providers insight into vaccinations that have been administered by other health care providers in the state. 
If your site has a bidirectional data connection with the MIIS, immunizations from the MIIS will flow into your EHR. Please contact your EHR if assistance is needed viewing the immunization records. If your site does not have a bidirectional data connection with the MIIS, please review the MIIS Training Materials in the resource section below that provides step-by-step instructions for accessing patient records directly in the MIIS application, including through bulk queries. 
Useful MIIS Reports to Identify Patient Immunization Status
Providers are encouraged to utilize the following MIIS reports to identify patient immunization status in the MIIS in bulk.  

  • The MIIS Coverage Reports allow each provider site to evaluate the immunization coverage for its practice. Please ensure to check the “Include patient listing tables” box to ensure the output includes patient information. We recommend using the Custom Coverage report to research COVID-19 coverage rates. The MIIS Reminder/Recall Reports provide a list of patients that are due or overdue for a recommended vaccine, based on criteria specified by the user. Reminders are created for patients that will soon be due for a particular immunization and Recalls are created for patients that are currently overdue for a particular immunization.
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