Dear Friends,

As we closed out 2020 and looked toward a better 2021, we anticipated good things to come. Unfortunately, the continued images of our political system in unimaginable turmoil and our health system in crisis have given us another jolt of reality. The attack on our democracy last week was shocking and difficult to watch. The rising numbers of COVID-19 related deaths are unfathomable. We, however, are resilient. The people of America have moved through challenging times over more than 240 years and emerged stronger than ever. With new leadership in our country urging bipartisanism and unity, we look forward to a renewed sense of democracy, inclusiveness, and integrity in America. And, with the vaccine rolling out, albeit slowly, I look forward to saying good-bye to COVID-19 before the year's end!

This month's newsletter includes a Q&A about COVID-19 vaccines to clarify some of the concerns we have heard our constituents raise. If you have further questions, please reach out, and we will either answer the question or direct you to the answer. Furthermore, join us for our webinar COVID-19 Vaccines: Facts and Misconceptions on February 9th. In the meantime, please get the vaccine if you are eligible! It is the only way we will stop the pandemic.