This Month's Newsletter is Dedicated to Resiliency
This month has brought an abundance of uncertainty. COVID-19 has caused Governor Roy Cooper to declare a state of emergency. Some of our consumers are facing the challenge of adversity to housing accommodations, and Carolina Sled Hockey faced their first loss of the season.

Nevertheless, our mission remains the same; to serve North Carolinians with significant disabilities to ensure they live independently in a barrier free community of their choice. Our Travel Trainers and Community Inclusion Specialists remain vigilant on behalf of the constituency. Our Board Member has a story of resiliency to share, and with your support we can achieve our mission.
North Carolina Emergency Management team has provided reliable information on considerations of people with disabilities and other access and functional needs for COVID-19 . Here are the highlights:
NCDHHS COVID-19 health tips

  • Ensure material is developed at an understandable literacy level for those with cognitive and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Software programs, including, can assist with grade level identification and word simplification.

  • Include content that is useful and specific to people with limitations in hearing, vision, mobility, speech and cognition


  • Encourage well-stocked emergency preparedness kits for in-home to include activities of daily living supplies, food, water and medications for an extended period.

  • Ensure children with disabilities and others with access and functional needs have minimal separations from their families or caregivers and that contingency plans have been developed/implemented with regard to supervision and care should their parent/guardian/caregiver be ill. Separations from caregivers should be avoided, if possible.

Self Determination

  • People with disabilities, including individuals who require assistance with managing hygiene, must not be discriminated against due to stigma or any other reason.

  • Ensure continuity of transportation for those who go to senior and other congregate centers.
A Moment of Board Reflection
Kurt Rundle head shot
This month, we would like to recognize and introduce you to one of our longest serving board members.

Kurt Rundle works with individuals with autism to find meaningful, satisfying, and gainful employment. He assists them to become and remain successful at work. Kurt takes great pleasure in his work as a father of a young man with a disability.

Kurt can attest to the difference ADANC makes by connecting young people experiencing a disability to a supportive community of peers. As an ADANC Board member, Kurt’s goal is to expand Alliance’s ability to help people experiencing a disability in finding their community.
Success Stories
Resilient Advocacy

ADA staff met with a consumer to find housing. They met with the property manager at an apartment complex. The property manager approved a reasonable accommodation request to have an advocate at the lease signing and any lease renewal meetings. However a new letter was sent out saying the ADA staff member had to be at every meeting between the consumer and property management. Since this letter was not reasonable for the capacity of ADANC and goes against the Independent Living philosophy, ADA staff came up with a solution.

They discussed the consumer’s wish to have a two-bedroom apartment, but, her section 8 voucher was only good for a one bedroom. The consumer was about to forego her voucher in order to get a two-bedroom apartment, but ADA staff suggested she look at some one-bedroom units. 

The consumer ended up signing for a one-bedroom unit that has enough lighting to accommodate her seasonal depression. With the suggestion of adding some additional lighting with lamps, the consumer wanted to start the process to use her voucher for the one-bedroom apartment.

Travel Training Perseverance

A Consumer reached a significant milestone in his Travel Training. He mastered the trip to Harris Teeter, where he works. During his training he kept a look out for landmarks to identify his stops and prevent him from getting lost. He took it upon himself to keep track of the bus schedule so he will know the estimated times of arrival. The next challenge for him is to travel at night. He is working with his travel trainer on reaching this goal, but he is afraid to travel at night.
Casino Night
In accordance with State health experts over recent developments of COIVID-19, ADA will postpone its upcoming Casino Night.

This was a tough decision made by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors' Executive Committee. We are monitoring this situation very closely, and a new date will be determined once this emergency subsides.

We would like to thank you for your continued support, and encourage everyone to stay up-to-date on the latest developments by visiting

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Jacob Bridges at
Casino Night poster
Where: Clouds Brewing Taproom: 

1233 Front Street, Raleigh, NC

When: TBD

Each Casino Night ticket includes food and a variety of beverages, as well as prizes, silent auction items, and other fun under a tremendous atmosphere!

Interested in sponsoring or donating to our silent auction? Head over to our website for more information!

 Help support our mission to see all North Carolinian communities are barrier free and individuals with significant disabilities are empowered to live in the community of their choice!
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