Dear MCAAP Members,

In this rapidly-evolving pandemic, we know there are questions and uncertainties about how to provide the best care to patients and families. In the past few days, members have contacted us with questions about well child care and the provision of immunizations.  We recognize that these are difficult practice level decisions with no clear answer.  

The AAP has provided  guidance  on this issue. 

New AAP webinar and ECHO opportunity:
  • The AAP is launching a new ECHO project, titled "AAP COVID-19 ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes): Emergency Readiness & Response."  This virtual tele-mentoring program will connect an expert team of infectious disease and emergency readiness members with those providing care to children and youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing that so much has changed in our world and lives in a very short time, this ECHO will be a space to support each other while learning and working through challenges together. The AAP COVID-19 ECHO is anticipated to meet twice per month on a reoccurring date/time; depending on interest, multiple sessions may be held to accommodate as many participants as possible.  The anticipated start date of this ECHO will occur during the week of March 30, 2020.  If you are interested, please register by March 24th.  More information is also available on the AAP COVID-19 ECHO webpage.  If you have specific questions regarding COVID-19, please email 
Resources that were sent to members earlier this week:
    • Guidance for Laboratory Testing of Persons with Suspect COVID-19 through the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory
  • The CDC:
With regard to PPE, the MCAAP does not have information on how to obtain these important resources.  The MDPH  is probably the best resource for PPE at this time.

Please contact us with other questions and concerns as this situation evolves. We will do our best to help.

Elizabeth Goodman, MD, MBA

Cathleen Haggerty
Executive Director
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