Customer Strategy for the Days Ahead

While your customers may not be buying much print today, there will come a day when they will. Some think that the flood gates will open with all kinds of business for everyone once this is over, and I hope that is the case. But what if it isn't and how should you best prepare? There are a few steps that you can be taking right now so that you'll be better prepared to capture the right opportunities.
Five Fights for Congress's Fifth Coronavirus Aid Bill

Lawmakers are clashing over a potential fifth coronavirus relief bill, raising early questions about how quickly Congress will be able to reach an agreement on more aid. Here are five fights to watch as Congress hashes out its next steps.
How Does the CARES Act Affect My Retirement Plan?
The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides important benefits for both employers and employees, and future actions by the IRS and DOL could help us all navigate our way through the difficult days ahead.
How to Best Use Direct Mail Marketing During COVID-19

During a time of crisis it can be hard to know how best to market to your customers. Direct mail is still a great way to reach them.
I-9 Instruction Book Update

the US Citizenship & Immigration Services has updated the I-9 instruction book.
Tell the Governor That Printing is an Essential Business In 3 Easy Steps!

While we celebrate our national win, our state effort continues, coordinated by RJ Cervantes, our state-wide Government Affairs lobbyist.
And now we need your help. It is essential that Governor Newsom understands that our industry is essential to meet the demands of this challenging time. Without this designation, our industry and your business run the risk of NOT fully protecting ourselves from costly regulatory measures, higher workers' compensation costs, and other headaches that are burdensome. 
We simply do not know what the full extent this crisis will bring about in the legislative and regulatory arena, and we need your voice NOW to protect our industry. Please take a few moments to contact Governor Newsom and urge him to help our industry! You, your management partners, and your employees can all easily contact the Governor. 
Please help our industry by following this email process: 
  1. Visit this site
  2. At the bottom, click on "Need Help" and select COVID-19 in the drop-down menu. Click continue. 
  3. On the next page, fill out your address, and in the message box, copy-and-paste the message below. Please edit with unique information on your business.
Dear Governor Newsom, 
Thank you for your leadership during this tumultuous time. My business, (your company name) , is one of the thousands of printing industry businesses that operate in California. It is critical that you support our efforts to be added to your critical infrastructure and essential business list due to the vital nature our industry plays in helping you respond to this crisis. Our industry is currently printing and packaging in a number of critical capacities, including: 
  • Personal Protection Equipment Printing, Manufacturing & Packaging. 
  • COVID-19 Test Printing & Packaging. 
  • Pharmaceutical Printing. 
  • Safety & Health, Advisories & Directions. 
  • Elections, Ballots, & Voter Guides. 
Our industry has already been added to the federal critical infrastructure list and many other state's lists, but despite our attempts to secure this here at home, we've been left out of California's list. Our efforts are supported by a broad coalition including the Printing Industries of California and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Your office has received letters from our industry and labor partners to make this addition. Please add our industry immediately so we can safely continue to work for California in our essential capacities! 
(Your name, title, and company) 
Protect You & Your Employees
During the Pandemic
Thursday, April 30 I 10-11am I Free to Members

Hear how you can easily communicate medical information in a clear way to assure your employees are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. From transmission to testing to treatment, this virus can shut down your business, but you can take specific steps to get back on track quickly. Your employees may be counting on you to take every precaution necessary, and we can help you do that.

You Will Learn
  • Clinical truths on transmission, diagnosis and recovery
  • Where are we on vaccines, mitigation and treatment
  • Business recommendations for controlling spread and reinfection.
In these unprecedented and uncertain times, PIA San Diego is committed to providing the printing and graphic arts community with the most up-to-date resources on the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
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