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Bits and Pieces

July 2, 2024

And the countdown is on…waiting for the floor models of the newest BERNINAs, waiting for the Party here July 13 for our SEW SMART/INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW MACHINES event, waiting for our country’s Fourth of July/Independence Day celebration, waiting for our cross-stitch embroidery camp mid-July, waiting for our Christmas In July Camp July 22-25, and more! Check out our calendars in the shop, on the website (www.sunvalleyquilts.com), samples in the classroom, etc. We are here to make the month fun and exciting in many diverse ways! Plan to join us, especially for the Camps!

We will be closed on Thursday for the Fourth, as I mentioned before. As to SEW SMART, plan to attend (and let us know if you will join us) for our BERNINA MACHINE MAGIC SHOW!!! We will have refreshments, lots of information to impart, and if wishin’ and hopin’ count, we will have our floor model machines in shop for you! Even if you don’t think you’re going to want a new machine, please come and see what’s out there in the machine world that so many people are talking about! Information alone is invaluable, and we don’t believe in pressuring you into making a purchase. That decision always belongs to and with you, but you cannot make informed decisions without knowing the facts and the possibilities!  

Did you read that the new b 08 sews through nearly any fabrics, including leather? Or 32 layers of a dense cotton? It’s a straight stitch machine only, with an automatic thread cutter and a bobbin that holds 40% more than the regular sized bobbins. With 8.8” of throat space and the larger foot control, you will have more sensitive low-speed sewing control, plus you can buzz up to 1600 stitches per minute. Power, speed, control, and the automatic thread cutter foot control as an optional accessory for control! MSRP is $2499 for a crafter’s, artisan’s, Mom’s delight! We’ve been getting a number of questions about this powerhouse.

We are putting together some exciting and new ideas for your purchasing pleasure, and hopefully we will be able to present them to you on July 13 at SEW SMART. That’s my goal! Again, the more info. We can give you, the better you can make your own best choices!

Be on the lookout for a quickie reminder class schedule that Cora has prepared for you. She thinks you might like the reminders!

One more thing…..with all of the new machines arriving, we have to make some space for them! And that means that we will be lowering prices on some of our floor models, pre-owned, and all with warranties. We can make a certain few of you very, very happy, I think when you check us out! Don’t let this opportunity pass you buy, waiting for a better countdown time, because there won’t BE a better countdown time for some of our jewels in the shop.  

To further entice, let’s do an in-shop and online special of blenders and basics!!! At 20% off when you give us the code: BLENDERS20. You pick the colors and tones that YOU want to fill YOUR stash! I hope this makes you smile, because it makes me smile if you call or come in to take advantage! Have a great week, stay cool, keep sewing!

Barbara and the COUNTDOWNERS at SVQ just counting the minutes until we see you again 


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