COS Advent Devotions

Traditional Tuesday

December 13, 2022

Jim Swanson

Acts 20:35 NRSV

In all this I have given you an example that by such work we must support the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, for he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ 

When I sat down to write this, I had many thoughts about what to share during this Advent. This time of year always takes me back to my childhood and wonderful times spent with my very large family. As I look back on those times, I realized this is quite possibly one of the most impactful scripture verses in my life. As I have grown older, it means even more to me. My interpretation of this has changed as I have grown and experienced life and now have children of my own.

While we help those in need financially when we can, by dropping some change in the Salvation Army’s red bucket, or we round up at Chipotle to whatever fund they are supporting, we also support our favorite charities and we give to our church to support our many ministries.

Now, more than ever, we need to be generous to one another. And that does not necessarily mean materially.

Ask yourself this. Do you give time to help those in need? Do you help your neighbor rake the leaves? Do you pray for others? Do you forgive often? Do you also share with others God’s love and teachings? There are many blessings in this world that can mean much more than money. 

Let us pray; Lord, we thank you for all of that we receive from you as we do our best to give our blessings to the weak and those in need of your love and guidance. In your name - Amen