COS Advent Devotions

Music Monday

November 28, 2022

Pastor Fritz

“For the windows of heaven are opened, and the foundations of the earth tremble.”
Isaiah 24.18

Advent Calendars. Do you have fond childhood memories of preparing for Christ’s coming with various types of Advent calendars? Most Advent Calendars feature 25 numbered doors/windows, a new one to be opened daily through the month of December. Usually, the calendars my family used featured a Scripture verse of hope or maybe a picture of the season.  Over the years, some calendars offered different sweets!  Just last week, Aldi was selling Advent Calendar beverage boxes, one featuring a daily wine and the other a daily beer!   


While sweets and tasty drinks are fun, what’s really needed by people as we enter the darker days of winter is HOPE.  Hope that our Savior is coming afresh!   So, I’m so pleased that once again so many of our talented COS families will be contributing to our 2022 Advent Calendar/Devotional!  In December, each daily email, Monday-Friday will feature a theme:

  • Music Monday
  • Traditional Tuesday
  • Word from Wiese Wednesday
  • Traditional Thursday
  • Fun Friday


Thanks to Barbara Anderson, our Director of Connecting Ministries, for organizing this for us. May each “daily window” of this Advent calendar be blessed by the Holy Spirit to bring you warming rays of the Light coming to shine in our darkness, our HOPE! Enjoy.


Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank you for coming to our lives this season, whether we are ready or not.  May your HOPE bless COS as we commence this season of preparing our hearts and lives in ways worthy of the King that you are.  Thank you for the daily devotional “windows” that we will open; bless those who prepared them and those who apply their encouragement. Connect us in these times of challenging dis-connection.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas