The weather is chilly in Central Oregon and I'm ready with my down jacket and silly hat (yes it has a ball on top!). The New Year has arrived and I've put together a quick read to help you evaluate if it's time to make a change from your CORT/NuView software or if you need a little finessing to make it work more efficient. Plus, I'm excited to introduce you to our newest teammate and share a recent success story.
I look forward to talking with you in the New Year!

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Eric Skidmore, Your Tech Sherpa
Is your New Year resolution to improve efficiencies, along with shedding a few holiday pounds?
With a new federal administration, the future of t he Affordable Care Act and its reporting requirements is hazy . The outcome of the overtime mandate is unclear. Our crystal ball is cloudy going into 2017 but the import ance of managing your data is not. Determine if your current systems are ready for an upgrade or just needs a little finessing for a successful 2017. Read more here.

Meet Deb Walker!  
Content Management Mastermind
(a.k.a. Tech Sherpa) 

Nine Peaks’ team member, Deb, sits down to tell us a little about her 30+ year background as a content management and technology mastermind. She shares her thoughts about the future of paper documents and her perfect vacation spot! Learn more about Deb.
Keeping Payroll Consistent in NuView CORT with Multiple Tax Entities
How do you keep payroll consistent when acquiring a California company and all its unique employment laws and reporting requirements? Enlist Nine Peaks to optimize your system for multiple EINs. Read about SJE-Rhombus’ story.
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U.S. Based Technical Consulting 
Requirements Gathering/New System Selection
Data Extraction and Mapping for System Conversions
ACA Compliance
Digital Content Management 
Going Paperless
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