Summer is right around the corner, and I’m ready for the sunshine! Before summer vacation we’re hosting a webinar to talk about new HRMS system selection, software trends, and a sneak peek demo of HRIS Reporter.

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Eric Skidmore, Your Tech Sherpa
Considering a new HRMS system but not sure where to start? Interested in the latest trends?

Join us on June 28 at 11 AM (PST) for a short 30-minute webinar to learn how to get started selecting a new HRMS system, trends in HRMS software, and a sneak peek into HRISReporter (a new tool to access historical data from CORT or NuView). Click here to register.  

Meet Nov Omana, HRIP  
HRMS Consulting and Customer Success 
Nov Omana from Collective HR Solutions, Inc. is a Human Resource guru and dedicated partner with Nine Peaks. We work in tandem to provide clients extensive knowledge in both HR practices and HR technology solutions. We sat down with Nov to learn a little about his expertise, relationship with Nine Peaks, and passion for HR Technology.
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Have you heard of HRISReporter? 
It's the solution to your reporting woes.
Have you been told you must uninstall your CORT or NuView software? We have something new and it will alleviate a lot of your history or compliance headaches. HRISReporter is a reporting tool for former CORT Payroll and HR users. Imagine accessing historical info from your old database in user-friendly PDF documents. Learn about this new tool and call us to see it in action! 
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