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IHC Global is beginning a project related to tracking commitments and progress on implementation of the New Urban Agenda. We  plan to create a  catalog of actions that local and national governments, civil society organizations, private and nonprofit sector organizations  within IHC Global's network  are planning  to carry out in order to implement  the New Urban Agenda. Our hope is that  it will  serve as a source of knowledge  within our network  and can help organizations  wanting to collaborate, learn or  align their commitments and actions with  those of  other organizations.

We want to hear from you. How is your organization working towards implementing of the New Urban Agenda? Please s hare your organization's commitments and actions related to the New Urban Agenda with us by filling out a brief survey!
TwoEmpowering Families on World Toilet Day

Tomorrow is World Toilet Day, a global campaign to mobilize people on sanitation issues. Many communities around the world still have rudimentary sanitation systems, and in some, like the state of Bihar in India, more than 80% of the population practices open defecation.  As part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements (3SI) project, PSI has partnered with Unilever's Domestos Toilet Academy to increase access to toilets by developing the sanitation market in Bihar. Through this partnership, and others like it, families in Bihar and around the world will have access to toilets and better sanitation for their children. 

IHC Global is an advocate for sustainable sanitation  as a key element in advancing equitable and sustainable urban development  and a proud part of the Urban WASH campaign. One of our events at Habitat III, Intersections, focused on urban sustainable sanitation strategies. IHC Global will be celebrating our dedication to sustainable urban sanitation this #WorldToiletDay, and all of the partnerships that are working to provide sustainable sanitation for all.

Learn more about the situation in Bihar here, and celebrate #WorldToiletDay tomorrow on Twitter. 
CUN Recognizes Local Governments' Power in Sustainability

Throughout the road to Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda, one of the big questions has been where mayors and local governments fit in the new implementation discussion on climate and sustainability. In an interview with Citiscope's Greg Scruggs, the UN Point Person on Sustainable Development David Nabarro may have settled this question once and for all. Nabarro said that in sustainable development, "it's through local government that you can get big shifts," a statement that reaffirms the global city's placement in international affairs, and where the New Urban Agenda could go if local governments take precedent.

To read the full interview, click here.
Event: Beyond Habitat III, What Comes Next?

Citiscope will be hosting Beyond Habitat III, What Comes Next?, a webinar focusing on the actions local and state governments need to take to implement the New Urban Agenda, and what city leaders and civil society can do on their own. The webinar will be moderated by Christopher Swope, managing editor at Citiscope, and will feature Eugenie L. Birch, Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research at the University of Pennsylvania and president of the General Assembly of Partners toward Habitat III; Nicholas You, Director of global partners and programs at the Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation; and Christine Platt, Former president of the Commonwealth Association of Planners.

When: Tuesday, November 22
10:00 AM EST

This webinar will be live, and is open to all. Click here to register.
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Traffic heads into Accra's central business district- a route taken by nearly 2 million people each day. Traffic congestion in West Africa is becoming an increasingly urgent issue. Source: Guardian Cities
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