London Middlesex COVID-19 Update
New Screening Tool for Children in Schools and Child Care
October 2, 2020
Screening of Children - Significant Updates YESTERDAY

These changes clarify many mild transient symptoms that do not need testing now. Please review the updates. The revised screener will be available for use by the public tomorrow morning. This should reduce the number of parents seeking advice and reduce exclusion of kids from school unnecessarily, while being clearer about when it's ok to return to school. Please advertise this tool to families in your practice

Please review the full updated document explaining the changes and new recommendations, available now here: COVID Screening For Children.

See the current Decision Tree for Parents (updated Sept 24 - and will likely be updated again to reflect the changes above) and the Health Care Provider Flowsheet to aid you in assessing symptomatic children/youth.
If there are non-hospital COVID-19 related issues/solutions in your region, please escalate them to your 
Regional Pandemic Clinical Lead
(tasked by Ontario Health West to facilitate, coordinate, and engage with stakeholders for the pandemic response within the SW LHIN area RE: primary care/vulnerable populations)...structure HERE.
Dr. Gordon Schacter
Co-Chair, SW Prim Care/Vulnerable Pop'n Response