Thursday, June 23, 2022 -
Sunday, June 26, 2022
That had to be our best State Shoot, so far. Great targets, four days of perfect weather, Greg and Sharon were back with great food, and the biggest turn out since pre-Covid days. Can't ask for better than that. We got to show off our recently completed paved sporting clays trail, and many shooters got to experience Scarborough's Whiffle traps for the first time.
The Main event course and the Pelletier Memorial course will be open this Wednesday 9am - 4pm and next Sunday from 10am - 2pm. Come on back to Scarborough, and try them again...we have plenty of ammo available to work on those lift birds!
The 100 target 20 gauge event is just a lot of fun to shoot, and with the 12ga ammo shortage, the event is growing in popularity. This year's targets were very fun for a 20 gauge. Dan Warner won with a 95. He was followed closely by John Booth with a 93...Congratulations to both.  
Every year we remember, and celebrate the life of our original member, our founder, and our friend, George Pelletier, with the George Pelletier Memorial shoot. Without George, none of this would be possible today. Mike Primavera took HOA with a 97. This was Mike's first trip to Scarborough, and it was great to see him do so well. Michael Keene was close behind, for RU, with 96...Congratulations to both.
The 100 target Super Sporting course was fun and quite shooter friendly. Once again, it was the Mike and Mike show with Michael Keene winning with 97 and Mike Primavera second with a 95.
The sub gauges were very popular, again, and very well attended. It was a challenging course with a couple of combinations that were fast, and the famous trampoline was back. We even snuck in a Whiffle trap. 
Congratulations to the following 12ga event winners:
12 ga: CH Michael Keene 49; RU Dan Warner 48
Super 50: CH Dan Warner 49; RU Lee Gilman 49
Fluff 50: CH Devin Anderson 50; RU Earle Glidden 50
Congratulations to all the new 2022 Maine State Sub Gauge Champions:
20ga: CH Earle Glidden 47; RU Dan Warner 47; OOSCH Dominic Uliano 48
28ga: CH Brian Porter 49; RU Dan Warner 48; OOSCH Shawn Crapo 48
.410: CH Neal Smith 42; RU Marty Tayler 41; OOSCH Kevin Kennedy 47
Pump: CH Neal Smith 45; RU Tom Fenderson 45; OOSCH Josh Caron 48
SxS: CH Earle Glidden 49; RU David Bernier 44; OOSCH Josh Feeley 46
And now for the 2022 Maine State Sporting Clays Champions:

Concurrent Champions:
SJ: Colton Copp
JR: Nolan Card
LYCH: Kim Noyes
VET: Jerald Copp
SV: Peyton Higgison
SSV: Dave Bernier
LG: Anton Rice
Out of State Champion: Michael Keene with a 92, great shooting Mike!
This year's 2022 Maine State Sporting Clays Champions are:
Finishing third place...Adam Copp with 86
Finishing Runner Up...David Larkin with 88
And, the 2022 Maine State Champion...Earle Glidden with 91
Congratulations to all of this year's new champions! Great shooting to you all!

As always, all the scores are out on
We need to thank Greg and Sharon Berry for providing lunch each day and to Leisha Nadeau for her help and hospitality. It was great to have them back...they do a great job! Thanks to Lisa and Bill for handling registration and scoring for all those shooters. Thanks to John Wilson for coordinating and managing all the referees. Thanks to all the people that volunteered to be referees. Thanks to Randy and Leisha Nadeau for spending two weeks with us to help make the shoot run so smooth. Thanks to Jim Clemons, Steve and Pam Rich, Tom Fenderson, and Bill Scarborough who worked almost full time to get the course ready. There was soooo much work to be done, and this group came together and just made it happen. Thanks to Steve Rich and Steve Card for lending the loaders and equipment to get those traps up in the air. Thanks to our sporting clays committee (there were way too many members to get all the names in), that helped to put this shoot on. We have the best sporting committee anywhere! Most of all, thanks to all of you shooters that came out to support us. Without your continued support, none of this is possible. We hope every one of you enjoyed your weekend with us.
Well, that is a wrap on our favorite event of the year.

Hope to see you in July at our next shoot!
Scarborough Big Easy
July 23-24, 2022
Registration Opens, Tuesday, July 5.
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