AMTA National Convention - Indianapolis, IN
October 24-26, 2019
Assembly of Delegates 

Hello AMTA DC Chapter members!

Hope your summer is going well!  As your Delegates to the DC Chapter, we will share your questions and comments regarding important issues related to our massage therapy profession at the Assembly of Delegates (AOD) Annual Meeting on October 23, 2019 at the 2019 AMTA National Convention.  Below are the links to the Position Statements and the Discussion Topics that the AOD will review and discuss this summer :

Hello AMTA DC Chapter members, 
The Assembly of Delegates (AOD) is a group of elected chapter members whose purpose is to represent the massage therapy profession in the AOD and related activities as they pertain to the profession in their state.

As your Delegates to the AMTA National for the DC Chapter, we will share your questions, comments, and concerns at the 3rd annual Assembly of Delegates Meeting on October 23 rd at the 2019 AMTA National Convention in Indianapolis, IN.
Here is a form that provides you a summary of the content of the proposed 2019 position statement and the discussion topics that have been proposed to AMTA National for discussion, as well as a short survey in which you can voice your opinions and concerns. The AOD will review, discuss and submit recommendations to the National Board of Directors on Oct 23. 

Reading and completing the form takes only 10 minutes of your time for your valuable input.  Please complete the form by October 15th.

The original PS and discussion topics are attached here for your review. Please email us if you are having difficulty browsing the form or attachments. We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing you at the 2019 AMTA Convention!

Aseel Hawi, Delegate
Yumna Kaluf, Delegate