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Why being clueless can be beneficial

It is not possible for a human being to be aware of everything. Similarly, it is not feasible for an entrepreneur to be an expert in every aspect of the business. Entrepreneurs might often feel blank about a particular issue. While feeling clueless is no shame, you must not shy away from it. Many experts think that being neutral is professionally beneficial for women entrepreneurs. Hence, here are a few career tips for women that can help them discover a new side of being clueless. 

Being Clueless Can Be an Opportunity 

Women entrepreneurs usually feel clueless when standing in the face of change or because of it. For example, if a company had always focused on self-service solutions, they never needed to hire salespeople. However, when larger companies demand unique features, they realize that selling a product requires dedication that can only be achieved through salespersons. 

Hence such opportunities can be professionally beneficial for women entrepreneurs. Feeling clueless can often lead to opportunities where women entrepreneurs can learn new skills that help them make good decisions.   

Being Clueless Helps Learn New Skills 

If you are clueless, it also leaves you open to learning new things. You tend to educate yourself if you are unaware of something. And that can have multiple benefits. For example, let us assume that you deal in software subscriptions and need to upgrade your sales department. However, you will find that you also need the expertise of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) specialist. Only they can convince consumers to continue purchases regularly. 

Additionally, you will also need to familiarize yourself with the terminology. For example, terms like CAC (customer acquisition cost) and LTV (lifetime value) must be acquainted. While educating oneself has always been one of the career tips for women, being clueless can further your cause.  

Being Clueless Helps Acquire Information 


You tend to ask many questions if you are clueless about any particular topic. This provides you with a lot of information that helps you become creative. For example, you are looking to hire for the position of a SaaS specialist, but you are clueless about the compensation. You can acquire the necessary information by interviewing other candidates and learning about salespeople. 

You can also consult your friends or people who have similar expertise. They can inform you about the range of commissions that salespeople receive on attaining goals. Similarly, if you are clueless about any idea, you may seek validation from others. Women can become more confident once their ideas are approved. Hence, being neutral can push you to know more about the topic.  

Being Clueless Can Be Profitable 

Sometimes entrepreneurs are clueless about aspects of their company. In such cases, most entrepreneurs either hire outside help or outsource it to an expert. For example, if an entrepreneur is running a software business but does not know how to code, they hire engineers. Similarly, if they do not possess any marketing experience, they tend to hire marketers. However, usually, it costs a lot of money. 

Therefore, if you are clueless about any specific aspect like coding or marketing, you can learn it yourself. It helps you save money, thereby increasing your profit margins. An additional benefit is that once you become knowledgeable about that aspect, it enables you to hire better people. You can also manage them better and assess their quality of work more efficiently. This not only benefits the company but also helps in your personal growth. 

Being Clueless Allows You to Breathe Freely 

Being clueless can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Experienced people always perform under the burden of success, failures, assumptions, and other stories. On the other hand, a clueless person has no additional responsibility to carry. Similarly, clueless entrepreneurs can breathe much easier because they do not suffer from the past. While they may make a few mistakes, it also helps them learn. 

Sometimes entrepreneurs also prefer to avoid issues they are careless about, or they may pretend to know what they are doing. Such entrepreneurs can hardly succeed. In comparison, intelligent entrepreneurs treat cluelessness as an opportunity to learn.  

Being Clueless but Skeptical 

From the points mentioned above, some women may feel that being neutral is the same as being gullible. While you tend to seek others’ opinions and follow what others are doing when feeling clueless, you must also remain skeptical. If you are feeling clueless, it does not mean that you should stop analyzing a situation or thinking critically. You must be skeptical about the information you receive from the people around you. This is the only way you can endure being clueless without imploding.  

Therefore, if you are feeling clueless, do not worry. Being clueless can be professionally beneficial for women. From the above-mentioned career tips for women, women entrepreneurs can realize the importance of being neutral and rejoice that they are clueless.  

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