June 2018           

The Bridge Way Recovery      High School

Learning on the Road of Recovery
As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, I must acknowledge our dedicated school-based staff - our counselors, educators, psychologists, speech, occupational and physical therapists, administrators, and support staff, whose passion and compassion has once again proven exceptional in the 200 plus schools we support throughout the year. Thank you for your dedication to your children and their families.
The school year may be winding down, but things at CORA are heating up! On Monday, June 25, 2018, CORA will host the 10th Annual GOLF for KIDS Classic at Philmont Country Club. CORA's fiscal year ends in June, so we'll be working on our last efforts to meet  our fiscal year 2018 financial goals. 
We're continuing to push out the 2018 Northeast Philadelphia Community Needs Survey and I ask that if you haven't  done so already, please take 10 minutes to complete this online assessment. As CORA plans our future services, we need your input to ensure they take shape with wisdom and priority.
I want to make you aware of an outstanding partnership that arose from a strong expression of need from the Philadelphia community. Over the course of the past two years, CORA has monetarily and programmatically supported the first and only Recovery High School in the State of Pennsylvania, The Bridge Way School. Like CORA, The Bridge Way School's philosophy is to provide students a place of support and refuge, allowing them to remain with their families and in their communities. This is an excellent resource for families struggling to fight addiction and CORA is proud to support students on the road of recovery.
I hope you will enjoy this issue of the CORA Connection! Especially the article, written by one of our talented educators, Susan Robinson, that provides tips for parents on how to help their kids enjoy summer without too much screen time. Thanks so much for all you do to strengthen CORA's reach and reputation. Have a wonderful summer!

AnnMarie Schultz, CEO, CORA Services

CORA's afterschool program, YOUTHCOR, has almost doubled services for the upcoming 20 18-2019 school y ear to serve more children in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. The 21st Century Community Learning Center grant has increased CORA's capacity to enhance and expand program offerings and partner with other organizations,  such as the Settlement Music School, Yoga Child, the Franklin Institute and Top Hat Dance Studio.  Many children have improved their school attendance in order to be eligible to attend YouthCOR's afterschool clubs and participate in monthly family nights.  Staff have collaborated with students and parents to organize activities focused on science, literacy and the arts, which are enjoyed by our YouthCOR families and the community. 

"Family nights are important to afterschool programming because they provide opportunities to build rapport and strengthen the sense of community" says Kyesha Green, CORA's 21 st Century Community Learning Center Supervisor, "Our parents love family nights and we usually have great participation. We have parents who make it a priority to be there." 

This summer, CORA will guide youth in finding the  inner force that drives them, with Star Wars themed camps in five different locations throughout Northeast Philadelphia. Camp is now full, but please keep us in mind for next summer, registration will begin in Feb. 2019.  

YouthCOR is taking registrations for afterschool programing for Fall 2018 and hiring summer camp staff -  join the team!
June is Men's Health Month
Men are less likely than women to seek help for mental health issues. However, seeking help is a sign of strength: it shows that you care about your body and mind enough to heal them, and that you care about your loved ones enough to keep yourself healthy for them. If you, or a man in your life, show signs of mental illness, take the first step with this free and confidential online screening.

Be Prepared with First Aid Training

CORA has partnered with Emergency Medical Training to offer a Basic Life Support class to provide the  foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest. The three hour course has been updated to reflect new science in accordance with the American Heart Association Guidelines. This instructor-led course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both in-facility and pre-hospital settings. This one day class is designed for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to know how to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills. 
CORA will host classes on Wednesdays throughout June, July and August at 8540 Verree Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111. To register for the class, click here.

Cost: $95 ($90 in cash) 
For more infomation contact Kathy at 610-463-6162. 
Download flyer here.

Help Your Child Enjoy Summer Over Screen Time

As the school year draws to a close, and summer is right around the corner, it is a good time to think about the ways that you can reduce the amount of time your child spends in front of a screen. Whether it is television, video games, computers, or hand held devices, too much screen time can have detrimental effects on your child--physically, socially and behaviorally. We all want what is best for our kids and finding a healthy balance, so that their screen time isn't excessive, is the perfect solution.

Here are a few tips to help tackle excessive screen time.
Stick to time limits.   We all know that kids are going to push limits, but no matter how much your child whines, begs, cries and bargains for more screen time, DO NOT GIVE IN! Establish time limits based on what you think will work best for you and your child.  Whether it is an hour of screen time after summer homework is completed, or after reading goals have been accomplished, make sure you are consistent and firm with your limits.
Create screen-free zones . Many parents have established screen free zones, such as no screens in the bedroom, no screens at dinner, or no screens in the car. When all family members (including mom and dad) put their phones or other devices away too, it will promote healthy conversation and a better night's sleep for your kids.
Model the screen time rules.   Parents need to model behavior and stick to the same rules that have been established for children. If you don't respect the rules, your child won't either. Engage your child in a board game, a jigsaw puzzle or simply a conversation where everyone is present and focused, and you will be pleased with the results.  
Know when to break the rules .  Every once in a while, maybe on one of those miserable, rainy days of summer, allow them to go nuts and watch TV all day, or play video games or videos, but try to do it with them. They will love knowing that parents know how to bend the rules occassionally and it will end up being a really fun and special day for all of you!

Susan Robinson is one of CORA's high school instructors, with ten years of experience in education and m arketing. This year, Susan supported Hallahan High School for Girls. 
CORA's 10th Annual  Golf for Kids Classic

CORA's friend, Rob McElhenney, from  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has  been gearing up for our  1 0th Annual CORA for KIDS Golf Classic which will be held on Monday, June 25th at Philmont Country Club

The outing includes lunch, golf, cocktails, and an a wards dinner, with live and silent auctions. 93.3 WMMR's Morning Show Crew and Iron Hill Brewery will be there to make sure it's an awesome time! 
Our most sincere gratitude goes out to the golfers who have been attending each year since 2009. CORA appreciates all of our loyal supporters,  especially our Charity's Circle sponsors - NFP, Plumbers Local 690, and Steamfitters Local 420, and our Caring Partners - Univest and APEX IT. 

It's filling up quickly, but there is still some room to golf on the South Course,  Click here.


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Bridge Way Summer Programming
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To help students who are falling behing in their high school credits, Bridge Way Recovery High School will be offering a 6-week summer session on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from July 17th-August 23rd. The program will give current and prospective students the opportunity to make up missing academic credits, as well as participate in fun summer activities, with other teens, who are looking for a community that requires, supports, and honors sobriety. For more information about our summer session, please call 267.437.2194 or email
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We believe in the value and potential of the children, youth and families we support. We are passionate about our work, helping people maximize their opportunities for success. If you want to join an agency guided by the core values of individual worth, mercy, reconciliation and zeal, CORA is the place for you. 

Check out current employment  opportunities here.

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