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Fall Edition 2021
October - December
Facing the Future of Resource Sharing
Join us December 8, for the next Amigos online conference, "Facing the Future of Resource Sharing". We'll take a closer look at new initiatives on the horizon, and how we can provide patrons with better access to library collections and services.

Registration is open! And as always, attendance is free for those working in Amigos member libraries!

Interested in presenting? 
The CFP is open and you can submit your proposal by September 28.
Save the Date! February 10th
Set aside February 10th for the first Amigos online conference of 2022, "Changing Standards, Local Choices: Navigating the Current Cataloging Landscape." With the implementation of the new RDA Toolkit, and progress toward the implementation of BIBFRAME being made, the world of cataloging standards is in a state of flux. While many of the changes will be guided by what's happening at the national - or even global - level, they will also rely on a certain amount of local standard creation. Application profiles, local cataloging workflows, and other methods of customization will be very important in helping catalogers implement the changes in a way that works for them, their libraries, and their patrons.
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Library of Congress Classification: The Basics

Would you like to learn more about the Library of Congress Classification system? Do you need some clarification on how number building works, or are you confused about Cutter numbers? This class will provide an overview of the ...

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Libraries and Streaming Media

Over the past decade libraries have seen the gradual shift from physical media and audiovisual collections to streaming media. Even though streaming media theoretically provides greater access at any location, there are several ...

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The Renewal Colloquium

Register now to come and hear nationally known speaker Kaetrena Davis Kendrick on her work on low morale in the workplace. Join us on Monday, November 1 for her presentation, “The Renewal Colloquium”.

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