Continued ...| Volume 2 | Issue 2 | Fall 2020
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Fall Edition 2020
October - December
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Libraries: Progress and Promise
Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives and practices in library services have continued to grow and gain support over the past several years. However, now we need to ask ourselves, are we not only talking the talk, but walking the walk when it comes to EDI. Are the EDI initiatives and plans we developed years ago still working? You're invited to join us December 2nd as the day's sessions guide you on taking a closer look – both inward and outward within your library's service community – at EDI and explore what initiatives in your library have worked, ones that have not and new ones that show promise.

Attendance is free for Amigos members and early-bird registration for non-members is available through November 18th. If you would like to present on this topic, please submit your proposal by September 29.
Save the Date for our next conference: February 11, 2021 "Moving On: Migrating Library Content and Data"! Speakers announced at a later date.
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Many libraries expect their staff to continually seek out learning opportunities. Micro-Credentials offer staff a way to bulk up their resumes with field-specific skills. What is a micro-credentialing? Micro credentialing is a non-traditional...

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Know & Go: Wikidata and Libraries

Library projects involving Wikidata are becoming increasingly common, as library staff are realizing how the power of Wikidata can be harnessed to enhance user discovery. Wikidata is a freely available editable knowledge base...

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Soft Skills for Library Staff

Virtual and face to face soft skills are critical to today's employers, every industry and especially in libraries. Employers overwhelmingly highlight the equal need for soft skills and hard skills in professional development....

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The Reference Collection

Having a knowledge of your library's reference collection is central to helping your patrons with the answers they seek. This course will familiarize both librarians and paraprofessionals with an understanding of evaluating,...

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