Billy Summers is a fascinating novel by Stephen King about an assassin with a conscience. One of the best things about the novel is learning the backstory of Billy and other characters.

The reader gradually learns about dramatic events that made people who they are. I don't want to spoil the novel, so my only other comment is than it’s not a horror story (like we might expect from Stephen King) and it’s a great read.
Each of us has a backstory, a history, a lifetime of experiences that have shaped who we are. When we take the time to know those stories, we better understand each other.

On the five Wednesdays of Lent, we learned a little of the backstories of several Covenant folks. I got to interview five different people for about ten minutes of our Wednesday online vespers services. 
Thank you Melissa Hardy, Doug McNeel, Don Peterson, Jo Wiersema, and Drew Simon for spending time with me and for telling us about where you grew up, your church experiences, and more.

To watch these Vespers services, click HERE; each service lasts about 30 minutes. The other 15-20 minutes is WONDERFUL music.

Last Sunday, we welcomed eight new members. 
I encourage you to get to know them and their backstories, along with other Covenant folks, as well as other people around you.

With all the chaos in the world, we need one another as much as ever. As we get to know each other’s backstories, we have more understanding and more compassion, we find common ground and we learn new things, and we can help each other on the journey of faith and the journey of life. It seems to me that this is what disciples of Jesus should be doing.
On the journey together,
PS—Palm Sunday, April 10 is almost here. Join us for a festive worship service, and get your own eco-palm branch. We also have worship on Maundy Thursday, April 14 at 7:00, with unleavened communion bread, and on Good Friday, April 15 at noon, when we nail our sins to the cross. On Sunday, April 17, we celebrate Easter with joy.
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Soul Sisters will meet this Sunday, April 10 at 7:00pm. Sandy Nuernberg will be leading the lesson from the book “What My Grandmothers Taught Me”, encompassing both lessons on Mary, so we have extra reading to do to prepare. If you wish to join us and haven't done so before, please contact Nan Schaefer by email or at (608) 772-3399 to get added to the list.  
A Time for Sharing and Listening
Last Sunday, many Covenant people gathered for "A Time of Sharing and Listening" facilitated by Rev. Sarah Moore-Nokes to reflect on the departure of Associate Pastor Jeff Fox-Kline at the end of February. Sarah and the Personnel Committee presented some background material, which you can read here: A Time for Sharing and Listening. If you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Personnel Committee or Pastor Charlie Berthoud.
Guatemala Mission Trip Meeting
Thursday April 21 at 6:00pm
We are planning a mission trip to Guatemala from October 19-26 to reconnect with our partners there, to worship with Presbyterians, to learn about the country, and to grow in faith. If you are interested, come to this informational meeting! We will meet in person with at least one person connecting by Zoom. For more information, contact Sally Lorenz or Charlie Berthoud. Covenant has had Guatemala connections for about 20 years, supporting healthcare, education, and church life.