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June 2024

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Sign the Educate & Elevate America Pledge

Every year, COABE advocates for increased funding for adult education. Without a unified voice, legislators do not understand what adult education is and the impact that it has on people, families, and communities. We want to show Congress that people support adult education and believe that it makes a difference. That is why we launched an innovative Educate & Elevate America Pledge!

Help us get to 1 millions signers in 2 easy steps:

  1. Sign the pledge!
  2. Share the pledge on social media and by email with everyone you know!

Educate & Elevate Foundation

You may already know about the amazing benefits of being a COABE member. Well, now you can add one more benefit to that list: eligible for Educate & Elevate Foundation grants! 

The Educate & Elevate Foundation’s Support Our Students grant can help you cover the costs of barriers to your education. The Legacy Pioneer Scholarship can help a first generation family member of adult learners to attend community college, university, or an accredited training program.

The applications are open. To be eligible to apply, you must be a COABE member and your program must be on the Move Ahead With Adult Ed map

Now sure if you’re a member? Email to find out.

Is your program not on the map? Send them a friendly email to encourage them to join. Click here for a sample email you can send.

Congratulations to the New COABE Ambassadors!

Massachusetts welcomed 22 new COABE Student Ambassadors! Participants represented more than 10 different countries and different learning journeys. Learners participated in three Zoom sessions to learn about advocacy and telling their story about the impact of adult education. Thank you to everyone who participated!

If you want to learn more about how to become a COABE Ambassador, email

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WorkReady Mobile is Your Adult Learner Resource

Want to hear about all of the opportunities that COABE offers for adult learners and alumni? Join the WorkReadyMobile app to access the most up-to-date information, find helpful links and resources, and sign up for text alerts on the newest opportunities!

You can get started in four easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up in the top right corner
  3. Choose “I’m a Adult Learner”
  4. Enter your information and cohort code AMBCOM

*Note: You do not need to enter an Adult Learner ID. You can leave it blank.

You’re in! Look around and welcome to theWorkReady Mobile app! Stay tuned for exclusive offers in the WorkReady Mobile app courtesy of COABE! Need help getting started? Reach out to for assistance.

Spotlight on Success

Eddie Rivera dropped out of highschool, and turned to drugs to cope with the stress of his childhood and being bullied. After multiple arrests, he served a prison sentence at the age of 20. While in prison he had a wake up moment, and had lots of ideas on how to make something of himself for when he got out. Getting his GED credential was his first step towards change. Read Eddie's story.

View more success stories on the Educate and Elevate site. If you have a success story that you'd like COABE to share, you can submit your story here.

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Google Scholars

The multi-year partnership between COABE and Google resulted in an award for 500 Google Career Certificates in six high-growth fields that lead to a median wage of $76,000 per year. Throughout the program, Google Scholars are able to access guidance from an experienced mentor and adult education teacher. We congratulate our certificate completers from May 2024 below. 

Project Management

  • Kristian Goss (SC)

Foundations of Cybersecurity

  • Shushan Weldebruk (IN)
  • Ballouki soufyane (CT)

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

  • Marilyn Alexander (NM)

Data Analytics

  • Milinda Dodangodage (CA)

AI Essentials

  • Nancy Rodriguez (NY)
  • Rachael Stanford (IL)
  • Rick Tutunick (FL)
  • Luvna Louis (FL)
  • Wendy Bryant (AR)
  • Michelle Miller-Galaz (CA)
  • Carl Slater (NY)
  • Aubrey Capers (AL)
  • Amber Bannister (SC)
  • Iliyana Vassileva (FL)
  • Maureen Osborne (PA)
  • Meg Eubank (PA)
  • Karilyn Fry (IL)
  • Margarette Cole (MS)
  • Debra Hissom (NC)
  • Barbara Van Dyken (CA)

Thanks to the partnership between COABE and Google, you can continue to access Applied Digital Skills for free. Learn more and start strengthening your digital skills today!

The Time is WRITE

Do you want to share an article, poem, or story that you wrote with other adult education students? You can share a piece of writing to be published in the COABE Compass. Complete this form, and someone will contact you shortly.

COABE’s Advocast Podcast

Have you listened to COABE’s Advocast podcast? In each episode, co-hosts, Erin and Sara, talk to a guest about how they are working to change the field of adult education. Each episode also includes a special adult learner guest star who shares their story of how adult education has impacted their life. Learn more here and listen on your favorite podcast platform. 

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