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March 2017
NPT Workshop in Annecy

On March 10 -11, CNS organized and hosted a two-
day diplomatic workshop in Annecy, France, on the  Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The workshop brought together ambassadors and senior diplomats, non-governmental analysts, and key representatives from  the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization. 

Through panel presentations, debate, and breakout sessions, participants looked ahead and discussed the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming 2017 NPT Preparatory Committee meeting. At a dinner on the first evening of the workshop, the Hon.Robert Einhorn, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, delivered a keynote address based on his recent report "Non-proliferation challenges facing the Trump administration."
VCDNP Launches New Initiative 

The Vienna Center for Disarmament and
Non-Proliferation is launching a new European Non-proliferation and Security Initiative (ENSI). This initiative will focus on providing support to the European community on global non-proliferation efforts in the years ahead. The initiative will be under the direction of Ian Stewart, who joined VCDNP on a part-time basis earlier this year.

Emergency Tabletop Design Workshop

Over the course of two weekends, thirty students took part in a  Tabletop Exercise Design and Operation workshop offered through the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies Masters program at MIIS. Led by Ray Zilinskas, Director of the Chemical & Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program, and Tammy Chapman, MIIS and CNS alumna, students designed and participated in simulations of various emergencies, including active-shooter scenarios. 

Students also engaged with members of the Middlebury Institute's Emergency Management Team, who plan to integrate input from the workshop into their emergency planning and protocols. 

CNS at Carnegie Nuclear Policy Conference 

Experts from CNS and VCDNP actively contributed  to the 2017 Carnegie Nuclear Policy Conference - commonly called "Nuke Fest" - on March 20-21 in Washington, DC.

On the first day of the conference, CNS Director Bill Potter joined the "Bridging the Gap: Policy-Relevant Nuclear Education" panel to discuss methods of educating a new generation about nuclear policy. The following morning, CNS hosted a panel titled "Nonproliferation Review Special Section: Twenty Years of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty," to mark the release of a special issue of the Review with a special section on the CTBT. The panel was moderated by Joshua Pollack, Editor of the Review, and featured Jenny Nielsen of the CTBTO (previously with the VCDNP until February 2017)  and Laura Rockwood, Executive Director of VCDNP. 

An afternoon panel titled "Running out of (Strategic) Patience: Rethinking U.S. Policy Toward North Korea," was moderated by Joshua Pollack and featured CNS Senior Research Associate and Senior Program Manager  Andrea Berger, who joined CNS in March 2017.  

New Analysis

Image courtesy of Flickr
New articles by Jeffrey Lewis and Andrea Berger
explore North Korean nuclear activities, the United States' response to developments on the Korean peninsula, and the current arms control stalemate.
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CNS Media Commentary

CNS experts and their work continue to make headlines and front page stories. Last month they were featured on the front page of The New York Times and appeared in CNN interviews, among other publications and outlets.