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As a former teacher my education on how to educate was never rooted in teaching diversity. 

It was always rooted in core academics and acceptance of all. 

Thirty years ago the Educational buzzwords were to teach all children through a "multi-culturalism" curriculum and to focus on the "whole child".  The focus then, as it should still be now, was on rigorous core academics and acceptance.

Today’s training of the educators is far different. Teachers returning to get their masters and doctorates are often required to choose a topic for their thesis based on extremism and social justice issues within the fabric of our schools.

Our schools are a public place where children come to learn about themselves, society, and the world.  

It is really that simple. 

What could be more precious and important than that?  Helping to form the future of our nation.  

When you teach children basics concepts like: 

  • Unity and love for our nation 
  • Acceptance of all humans and humanity
  • Core academics
  • Their INALIENABLE rights as protected by the US and NYS Constitutions

And most importantly... to think for themselves.

Schools should be teaching (in all subject areas) independent:

  • Critical thinking

  • Discernment

  • Prediction

  • Forecasting

  • Hypothesis

These thinking skills are imperative to logic and common sense.

We as parents need to start working with our teachers to build partnerships which strengthen the parent-educator bond.  Unifying for the common purpose of developing children's sense of humanity, independence, what it means to be an American, and to fortify academics.  We should not be divided over our differences.


In the spirit of transparency in education and having parents/guardians as partners, the NYS Board of Regents has posted their April 2021 Call to Action/Policy Resolution, which a month later launched NYSED's adoption of the NYS CR-S Framework.  Please read the documents in the links below:


Parents... Continue to work towards building positive relationships with your child's teachers, your district's board of education, and parent groups to ensure open lines of communication for your child's education.  You are the stewards and advocates for the individual needs of your children -- to make sure that they are learning acceptance, humanity, and personal worth.

Teaching of acceptance, respect and kindness does not have to be rooted in division (the root word of diversity is Divide).  Rather, let's collaborate within our communities to teach humanity for the whole child.

Margaret Marchand

CLL Founder


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