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October 2020
You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
~Author Unknown
A Message from
Co-President Angela Heart

What would Ruth do?
I wanted to start by reflecting on one of America’s most inspiring and courageous woman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. While I agree this loss is simply immeasurable, important is what the country has gained on account of her determination and sense of what’s right. 
As I read the memorials and
numerous articles, what hit me hard was her sense of purpose. And with that comes self-reflection and my... Read More
GENDER: The time has come to let go of outmoded assumptions
Shasha Porter & Holly Lundquist
My new clients stepped off the elevator on 5th floor where I was waiting to greet them.
Though I had the names of my clients, I could not tell at first glance which client had which name.
I also didn’t know the gender of my clients, by first glance. The stereotypical cues were mixed.
I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes of Sherlock Holmes, when speaking to Watson: “You see, Watson, but you do not observe”.

When seeing with our eyes does not provide us with the information we need, we must proceed with genuine curiosity. We need to ask questions. And listen. Or listen, and then ask questions... Read More | Link to Ally’s Guide
Training | Pivoting to Meet the Challenge
Tonda Mattie
Since the onset of the Corona virus, live training of the New Collaborative Experience (NCE) training—the basic training required for all new members of CLI—has been put on hold. Consequently, there are several new members who haven’t been trained and who are... Read More
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October 7, 2020
Topic: Virtual Etiquette
Moderators: Tonda Mattie & Lee Eddison (Training Committee)

October 21, 2020
Topic: Cultivating Online Reviews
Moderators: Dave Jamison, Broker, Rainbow Mortgage and CLI Partner Sponsor
Description: Easy ways to improve your online presence through online reviews.
Potential clients are increasingly checking out online reviews, through Google Reviews, Avvo, Yahoo, etc. This is an area where Collaborative Practitioners can help attract clients. Dave Jamison, who has mastered this important skill for many years, will be on hand to share his ideas for simple ways to secure positive online client reviews.
Mark Your Calendars for the CLI Annual Forum | December 3
Carl Arnold
You may already have some big plans for November 3 (hint, hint, VOTE!), but you better have DECEMBER 3 blocked off on your calendar for the 2020 CLI Annual Forum. : )
This year, as you may have guessed, the CLI Annual Forum IS GOING ONLINE! Will this be cool or will this be lame like a boring webinar?...don't worry, ... Read More
The TikTok Challenge ...Wait, What?
You won't want to miss out on this!  Here's what we are doing. The CLI Annual Forum is scheduled for Thursday, December 3. We are going to allow one TikTok submission per Member/Supporting Partner Member and then VOTE on who made the best TikTok during the Annual Forum on December 3, 2020 (see submission deadline info at link)...Read More
We are Blogging!
Louise Livesay-Al
We are now posting more consistently with great content from our CLI members. To add your voice and write an article for the CLI Blog, please sign-up at our Sign-up Genius:

In case you missed them, here are recently posted CLI Blog articles:
Louise Livesay-Al & Ron Ousky
Angela Heart
Deb Clemmensen

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Leadership Circle
The CLI Board of Directors and all members acknowledge that participation in the Leadership Circle goes above and beyond, is genuinely appreciated, and will also be acknowledged in several ways throughout the year. Suggested donation of one or two billable hours, deadline for 2021 Leadership Circle is 12/31/20. To contribute:
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2020 Leadership Circle
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