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April 2021
Barn’s burnt down——now I can see the moon
              ~ Poem by Mizuta Masahide
A Message from CLI President
Megan Yates

Despite the unwelcome (in my sometimes-humble opinion 😉) cold snap and last round of snow (mark my words) we had recently, spring—with its warmer temperatures, green grass, and wonderfully pleasant Minnesotans giddy with excitement for fresh air—is just around the corner! Spring is often identified as a time of renewal, hope, and growth. And I’ll be darned if this isn’t the exact season that CLI is in.
As I mentioned in the December 2020 Newsletter, my hope for this year is for the membership to bring their infectious energy, focus, and enthusiasm to their involvement in CLI... Read More
Kids' Corner
Deb Clemmensen
This new feature will touch on matters about, and important to, the youngest family members and stakeholders on whose behalf we look to the future in Collaborative Practice. 
Contributions from CLI community members are welcomed!
Since the beginning of nearly two decades of work with kids as a neutral child specialist, I have asked each child to share Three Wishes for How Family Can Work Best for You.  I expected that virtually every wish list would include a version of “my parents would not get divorced,” or “we could all live together again.” Certainly, this wish shows up on a pretty regular basis, but it has not been the one most frequently expressed. So what is?... Read More
Membership Update: No Member Left Behind
Ron Ousky

This year the CLI Board is focusing on helping our full membership become more engaged. By the end of this year, we want every member of the Collaborative Law Institute to feel that they have had a great opportunity to enhance their practice and to make better connection with other members. To make that a reality, we have put the put the following in place: New Practice groups. We are revamping... Read More
CLI members are now also members of the
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals!
Linda Wray

Have you checked out IACP yet? If not, I strongly encourage you to do so! IACP has truly been at the forefront of turning lemons into lemonade. This past year as every one of us has been challenged beyond imagination, IACP brought the Collaborative community together through countless virtual experiences ranging from:
  • supportive discussions as to how to manage a practice and ourselves as professionals during the pandemic,
  • to exploration and advancement of innovative ideas for reaching professionals and the public broadly and more deeply regarding “a better way to divorce” (particularly with regard to diversity and inclusion), 
  • to provision of numerous excellent online trainings and webinars enabling practitioners to expand their knowledge and skills, and
  • to leading by example as to how to flourish when life hands out lemons.

A visit to the IACP website ( will quickly reveal the energy, drive and commitment of IACP to both meet the needs of its professional members and reach the public so as to increase awareness of Collaborative Practice and its benefits. Check out the compelling video on the home page designed to aid the public with understanding the benefits of Collaborative Practice. Or check out the home page link to several recent timely webinars.
IACP benefits are now available to each of us and CLI members. We encourage every professional to use these resources and in turn strengthen and energize our Minnesota Collaborative community!
Applications Open for IACP’s
Leadership Academy!

We are all passionate about Collaborative Practice, but how do you translate passion into action? We know that we can’t Collaborate alone and that any action starts with building and growing our Collaborative Communities. Do you have what it takes to be a leader in your Collaborative Community? Do you want to build and hone the skills to lead on the local, regional, and international level? What would it feel like to learn amongst peers who are facing many of the same challenges that you are? 

If this intrigues you, the IACP welcomes you to apply to our upcoming Leadership Academy, a year-long leadership development program. 
Building on the success of a similar program in 2013-2014, we are seeking a new crop of emerging and aspiring leaders from across our global Collaborative community to learn, teach, support each other, gain mentorship, and build solid leadership skills. This Leadership Academy has a particular focus on principles of inclusion, equity, diversity, and access to support leaders who can foster these principles in their local and international communities. In keeping with these principles, we seek a diverse pool of applicants representing many races, ethnicities, geographic regions, religions, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, professions, and ages.
Applications due Monday, May 17th, 2021
More info link:
Training & Opportunities to Connect
Let's Talk About It
3rd Wednesdays on Zoom
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Meeting ID: 881 5154 6206

A great opportunity to connect with our community. No fee to attend.

Mark your calendar for the next Let's Talk About It
Date: April 21
Topic: What has IACP ever
done for us?
Bridge the Gap
4th Thursday on Zoom
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Meeting ID: 871 4774 0134

Five-mini training sessions to sharpen your skills. No fee to attend
Mark your calendar for the next Bridge the Gap Session
Date: June 24
Topic: Practice Development: Steps and Support
Virtual Collaborative Experience Training
A fresh look, a new perspective, an opportunity to
enhance your skills

CLI Minnesota Presents - Virtual Collaborative Experience Training
Through a combination of didactic presentations, illustrative vignettes, discussion, Q and A, and focused homework for participants, we expect this to be an informative training for those new to Collaborative practice, and a valuable refresher for those who are already practicing.
Dates: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, May 5, 6, & 7, and 19, 20, 21, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM each day
Cost: $150 for CLI members who have taken the Collaborative Experience Training before and would like to take it as a refresher course.
Continuing Education:
  • CLE: PENDING 18 credits, including 1 hour of ethics credits
  • LMFT, and MN Psych Board PENDING 18 credits
  • LICSW, ADR: Certificate of Attendance
Members must login to receive member pricing.
Need help with your login, password re-set, registration? Call Sandy at 952-405-2010
C0-chairs Brian Burns &
Angela Heart

Every December our Collaborative community has a wonderful opportunity to gather together for an Annual Forum, a time and place to connect with colleagues, become informed and educated about important professional topics, regenerate our passion and enthusiasm for our Collaborative work, and have fun!

Thursday & Friday, December 2-3, 2021
New Location - The Crosby Hotel in Stillwater
Overnight Option!
Same great content!

If you’re interested in joining the Forum Planning Committee, Sponsorship, or other questions – contact
or Angela Heart |
Thank you to our Forum 2020 Sponsors | Click here for a contact list
Blog for CLI Awareness!
Louise Livesay-Al

When CLI’s social media platforms have activities, it drives our search engine optimization (SEO) and helps CLI get noticed. When people write a blog for the CLI Blog page and we post it on our platforms, it helps drive business to CLI and its members. 

If you have a regular question you hear clients ask about Collaborative Practice, a good piece of advice you find you share with clients in the Collaborative process or something you know makes a difference for people in divorce, write about it and submit it to and we will post it to the CLI blog. 

Something around 400-800 words is a good length, but less or more also works. When you submit, we will also send you a bio form to help us in getting it posted. We all do better when we all pitch in!

Visit and share the CLI Blog
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CLI Partners | Use their Expertise!
Our CLI Supporting Partners are a ready resources to help clients with the myriad of tasks and issues they may be facing in their personal transitions. And not only are these known professionals ready with experienced help, their commitment to partnering with CLI helps defer the costs of doing CLI business, including administrative costs, covering overhead, and funding special projects. Without CLI partners the cost to each individual member would be much higher. So when you have an opportunity to chat with a CLI Partner, please take the time to thank them and consider connecting with them for business!
2021 Leadership Circle
Carl Arnold ~ Brian Burns ~ Deb Clemmensen ~ Angela Heart
Audra Holbeck ~ Brett Jensen ~ Leslie Kimes ~ Louise Livesay–Al
Tonda Mattie ~ Kellie McConahay ~ Kimberly Miller ~ Chad Olson
Ron Ousky ~ Gay Rosenthal ~ Stu Webb ~ Amy Wolff ~ Becca Wong
Linda Wray ~ Megan Yates