CLI Community News April 2020
Act as if what you’re doing makes a difference, it does!
A Message from
Co-Presidents Angela Heart & Brian Burns

Fellow CLI Members:

First, we want to extend our tremendous gratitude to all those with family or friends in the health care industry – please pass on our sincere thank you!

As the global COVID-19 crisis keeps us contained in our homes, experts are already questioning how our relationships to the outside world and each other will be permanently changed.
As we transition into more virtually centered practices, we want to encourage CLI members to utilize the CLIMN Google Group to contribute questions, ideas, success stories, challenges and resources so that we can share and learn from each other.  If you are not sure that you are subscribed or part of this group, send an email to .

To post a message to the CLI Google Group use:

Working from home might mean doing things differently than we ... READ MORE
Links included in the article:
CLI Website - A New Look!
The CLI website has a new look and we need your help to spread the word!  
Don’t think it’s worth your time to share the new website? Think again. At a minimum, you have five reasons to share this new website with your professional and personal network:
  1. the new website is more intuitive for clients, which means you can close more sales with less effort;
  2. the new website explains the collaborative process in a more clear and simple way, which means you can persuade more couples to use collaborative process instead of traditional;
  3. the new website markets unbundled services, which is something the old website didn’t have and many people don’t know about;
  4. the new website advertises you(!); and
  5. you pay to be a member of this organization, so help the organization succeed so that you can succeed.
Convinced but not sure what to type or how to share?
No worries. We’ve got you covered. Use the sample posts below when you share the new site. (Don’t worry, we won’t copyright strike you.) All you need to do is copy and paste it to your social media feeds.
Is divorce looming in your relationship? Afraid of the process, of what the future might hold? Most people are. Until they learn about collaborative divorce. 

Ever been asked by a friend, family member or client if there is any way they could have a dignified divorce? Find yourself stumbling around trying to answer that question? Now, you don’t have to. Let the new Collaborative Law Institute website do the explaining for you. It’s so intuitive that you’ll be asking how’d you ever live without it!
#divorce #collaborativedivorce #therapists #financialadvisor #thinkingdifferently 
The CLI website calendar also has a new look!
No more scrolling through calendar pages searching for the date of that training you heard about.
The ‘Calendar’ is now a list of trainings, events, webinars, and meetings hosted by CLI and other organizations with links to more information and registration.
Check back often as this page will be updated frequently with updates to posted events and additions to new events and resources.

Visit the calendar pages at:

Update your Profile so clients and other professionals can contact you
With a fresh look at the CLI website, now is a great time to freshen-up your professional profile and make sure your contact information is still current, add details to your biography, and add a current photo. For a step-by-step how to click here
Members Talking about Collaborative Practice...

In a Presentation
Louise, Brian and Deb presented at a CLE event at Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant on March 9, 2020 sponsored by Our Family Wizard and Family Law Software. Racheal Horowitz from OFW and Nancy from FLS shared a wealth of info about their products, and Brian, Louise and Deb presented on aspects of conflict resolution for families experiencing divorce or separation. It was a fun event, and hopefully the evaluations concur with the sense that it was a successful event.

In an Interview
A great article about one of our new CLI Board members, Allison Maxim, talking about Collaborative as part of her practice. Here is the link to the article recently published in the Attorney at Law Magazine:

In the Media
Writing that divorce doesn’t need to be like this, Deb Clemmensen’s article published in the Minneapolis StarTribune about the movie “A Marriage Story”, gives voice to the collaborative process. Click here to read Deb’s article here if you missed it.
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Annual Awards

CLI Volunteer of the Year | Brett Jensen | 2019
CLI Stu Webb Award | Jennifer Morris & Dave Jamison| 2019

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Meet New Member Click here
Rebecca Baer, Attorney, Mediator | Baer Family Law, PLLC
New Member Dues Discount Just Announced!

Do you know a collaborative colleague
who is not a CLI member and should be?
Here is a membership opportunity they cannot pass up!

Join CLI now at a 25% discount!
Professionals : $221.25
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To take advantage of this membership special, new members will visit the CLI website at , click “For Professionals” on the home page and then click “Membership” and fill-out the membership sign-up form using the discount code: FLI2021 to automatically reduce both the Professional or New Professional CLI Minnesota dues amount by 25%.

This discount reduces dues on currently posted prorated dues for new and lapsed members (a lapsed member is considered eligible for this discount if their membership lapsed before 12/31/2017.)
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CLI Annual Platinum Partners
Jennifer Morris
Edina Realty
Dave Jamison
Rainbow Mortgage, Inc.
An Introduction to Annual Gold Partner Brett Leschinsky Click here
Brett Leschinsky
Divorce Mortgage Specialist
Cell: 612.590.7896  
American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
CLI Partners are ready resources to help clients with the myriad of tasks and issues they may be facing in their personal transitions. And not only are these known professionals ready with experienced help, their commitment to partnering with CLI helps defer the costs of doing CLI business, including administrative costs, covering overhead, and funding special projects. Without CLI partners the cost to each individual member would be much higher. So when you have an opportunity to chat with a CLI Partner, please take the time to thank them and consider connecting with them for business!
2020 CLI Leadership Circle
Carl Arnold ~ Brian Burns ~ Deb Clemmensen ~ Angela Heart
Brett Jensen ~ Leslie Kimes ~ Louise Livesay–Al ~ Jennifer Loeffler Tonda Mattie ~ Allison Maxim ~ Kellie McConahay ~ Kimberly Miller Jennifer Nixon ~ Chad Olson ~ Ron Ousky ~ Gay Rosenthal ~ Stu Webb Linda Wray ~ Amy Wolff ~ Becca Wong ~ Megan Yates