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Claremont Heritage is delighted to declare February Claremont Modern Month!
Why you might ask?  Well, let me enumerate!

First off, there are no less than three local exhibitions featuring Claremont Modern Art + Architecture, and Claremont even has its own day at the annual Palm Springs Modernism Week with a Claremont Modern bus tour to boot!

Please review these exciting events below! I hope to see you all at one or more!   

david shearer
David Shearer
Executive Director   (909) 621.0848

Friday February 24, 2017 | 9:00 am - 2:30 pm | SPECIAL ALL-DAY PACKAGE $45
Palm Springs Art Museum Annenberg Theater | 101 N Museum Drive
Palm Springs
, CA 92262 United States
Package price includes 1 presentation and panel, 2 films, box lunch at the Muse Cafe (Next to Annenberg Theater) and entrance to Palm Springs Art Museum.  DVDs and books will be available for sale at the museum.


9:00 am - FILM
By Paul Bockhorst

Design for Modern Living: Millard Sheets and Claremont Art Community 1935-1975


Millard Sheets and Home Savings: Midcentury Modern Architecture for Corporate and Urban Identity

Millard Sheets historian, Adam Arenson, provides insights from the first book-length study of the art, architecture and urban context of these Home Savings buildings, which recovers Millard Sheets' and Howard Ahmanson's visions for these institutions as they shaped the corporate and cultural landscapes of Southern California and which argues for their preservation.

A conversation moderated by historian and author Alan Hess will follow, with Adam Arenson, filmmaker Paul Bockhorst, David Shearer-Exectutive Director of Claremont Modern and special guest Carolyn Sheets - Towle, daughter of Millard Sheets.


1:00 pm - FILM 
By Paul Bockhorst

Claremont Modern: The Convergence of Art and Architecture at Midcentury

Box lunch (choice of sandwich, potato chips, cookie and soft drink) at the Muse Cafe, next to the Annenberg Theater 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  Special $45 Package Available HERE

Order both DVDs to enjoy at your leisure - $30 each

Design for Modern Living: Millard Sheets and Claremont Art Community 1935-1975


Claremont Modern: The Convergence of Art and Architecture at Midcentury 


Sunday, February 26, 2017 | 9:00 am - 4:30 PM | $150 Almost Sold Out!  TICKETS HERE
CAMP, 350 S. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262 United States

Join us for a special out-of-town tour to Claremont, an academic community 1 hour west of Palm Springs. Claremont could very well be one of the best-kept secrets in the annals of modernism - the period now recognized as the midcentury, post-war explosion of all things cool and modern. Southern California and to a great degree, Claremont, offered a fertile testing ground for many of the architects, artists and craftspeople that defined modernism as a movement.

The focus of this tour is the convergence of art and architecture in Claremont at midcentury. The approach and range of output from this small community is extraordinary and considered by some historians to be a sub-movement of modernism, recognized as the "Claremont School". This was primarily due to the influence of artist and designer Millard Sheets and the formation of the Sheets Studio that created projects around the world, including the Home Savings and Loan Banks program, which championed the idea that people seek to have cultural experiences in their everyday lives.

Box lunch included. Tour proceeds benefit Claremont Heritage.

The drive from Palm Springs to Claremont is approximately one hour. Departure is from MW CAMP, 350 S. Palm Canyon PROMPTLY at 9 a.m. Please plan to arrive early in order to park and check-in for the tour. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated. Box lunch provided. Arrival back to Palm Springs/CAMP approximately 4:30 p.m. Restroom on coach. Tour is produced by and proceeds benefit Claremont Heritage.



(RE)GENERATION: Six Decades of Claremont Artists | INFO
November 20 - March 12, 2017 | Claremont Museum of Art
200 W. First Street at the Claremont Depot, Claremont, CA

The Claremont Museum of Art's permanent collection reflects our region's rich artistic legacy. From the influence of Millard Sheets and the artists who arrived in the 1940s to the GIs who came to study after WWII, to the many contemporary artists who continue to call Claremont home, the collection serves to preserve and retell a rich past and looks to a future with unlimited potential as an arts-rich environment.

The exhibition is generously sponsored by Gould Asset Management LLC.


February 2 - March 26, 2017
The Ontario Museum of History & Art  + Chaffey Community Museum of Art
225 South Euclid Avenue, Ontario , CA 91762 (909) 395-2510

Artist Reception for Sheets, Sheets, & Caughman: Art for Living and Living for Art
Sunday, February 12, 2017 (1 PM to 4 PM) Exhibit Walkthrough with the Artists (2:30 PM to 3:30 PM)

Art for Living and Living for Art highlights the work of Millard Sheets, Tony Sheets, and Rick Caughman. The exhibit at Ontario Museum of History & Art features the commercial and commissioned public artwork of the three artists. The exhibit at neighboring Chaffey Community Museum of Art focuses on their fine art. Reception attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an exhibit walkthrough at both museum sites with artists Tony Sheets and Rick Caughman. Light refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be served. Free Admission. For more information or reservations, please call (909) 395-2510.

SPECIAL BUS TOUR to Accompany the Exhibition

In the Public Eye: Bus Tour of Millard Sheets' Public Art
Saturday, March 25th | 10:00 am - 12:30 pm | $18
        Ontario Museum of History & Art   | 225 South Euclid Avenue Ontario , CA 91762    
Millard Sheets created numerous art installations for public spaces in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, as well as nationwide. Join us for a bus tour highlighting the former studio of Millard Sheets in Claremont and locations in the surrounding region, with a tour led by Claremont Heritage.

Tour begins at the Ontario Museum of History & Art. Reservations required. Seating is limited. Bus tour fee is $18. For more information or reservations, please call (909) 395-2510.


ALSO - See it before its gone!
Claremont Heritage Presents

Through February 28th | FREE with Admission
1500 N College Ave. Claremont  |

Claremont embodies a veritable cauldron of modernism. Richard Neutra, Theodore Criley Jr., Foster Rhodes Jackson, Cliff May, Everett Tozier, Buff and Hensman - all of these modern master architects produced work here.  Modern Architecture abounded as did what was happening in the local art scene - it could be the indomitable Millard Sheets who really helped change the modern face of Claremont. His unique expressions of artistic achievement are seen in the buildings, murals and even street markers that we pass every day.  Sheets brought or attracted notable artists like Carl Benjamin, Harrison McIntosh, Rupert Deese,  Arthur and Jean Ames, Betty Davenport Ford, Paul Darrow, Albert Stewart and Marion "Hoppy" Stewart.

The exhibition is a survey of the Art + Architecture that has made Claremont a Modernist Mecca.

 Photograph by Dennis Hill

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