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Providing An Environment That Is Conducive To Silence, Solitude, Prayer And Reflection

Invitation to “Play” at CITW


Embrace childlike “wonder” by asking questions – but don’t wait or expect answers. Sometimes it’s just enough to ask the question and rest in wonder. Like, “Where do birds sleep when there aren’t many trees?” or “How do woodpeckers make such perfectly round holes in trees?” 

tree with woodpecker hole



Look for “whimsy” in Nature (or create your own – without disturbing what naturally “is”).  

tree with mushrooms
pinecone face
Nature tic tac toe


Let loose your imagination, without judgement or logic. What might you encounter? Is that the bark of a severed tree or is it an alligator eating its lunch? Look up at the ever-changing tapestry of clouds and reimagine the shapes. Is that a bunny on a bicycle? Perhaps bear? Did you see the face of God?

tree looks like a frog


Savor the simplicity, the complexity, and the myriad of “surprise” in Nature when you encounter something unexpected like a splash of purple violets in a sea of green grass or the orange shape in a Juniper tree dangling like a miniature chandelier. 

pine tree fungus


Make your favorite childhood sandwich (PBJ, cheese, etc.) and enjoy it on one of the swings at CITW. Dance with the butterflies or fireflies – no one is watching or judging. Sing if the mood suits you.  


Time to play at Christ in the Wilderness. Make your reservations today. Here are open dates: 

Mariglen: July 9-12 at noon; August 6-9 at noon; August 27-September 7

Paul: September 1-5 at noon; September 8-13 at noon; Sept. 20-22 at noon

Sabbath: July 7-10 at noon; August 5-9 at noon; August 21-23 at noon

Do you know someone who would like to play at CITW?

Please pass this on.   

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