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December 2023 |

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Message from the CIRTL@UCLA Team


Congratulations on finishing the Fall 2023 quarter!

As we wrap up another challenging year, our team has meet with graduate students and postdocs, sharing space with many of you who are grappling with burnout, stress,

and more. In the midst of the demands of your work and all going on in the world,

we hope you can take a moment of pause to be proud of yourself and all

you have accomplished.

We know how easy it is to get caught up in to the sense of urgency and the notions of perfectionism that often exist in academic spaces, with many of us buying

into the pressure to be productive at all times. However, resting and

investing in your well-being with the same fervor that you do your

research and teaching is essential for not only your personal growth,

but also your professional success.

We encourage you to take a break this holiday season to focus on yourself

and to refill your cup. Whether it is spending time with loved ones, pursuing

hobbies, or simply enjoying a day of relaxation, give yourself

the gift of rejuvenation this holiday season.

We are wishing you the very best as we approach 2024.

May this Winter Break be a time of rest and renewal.

The entire CIRTL@UCLA team is looking forward

to reconnecting in the new year!


Ginny Sklar Muscatello, PhD

Fall 2023, CIRTL@UCLA Program Manager


Registration Now Open for Grad PD 496B:

Teaching as Research Course

Winter 2024

Fridays, 12 - 2 pm PT (in-person)

Beginning January 12th

Register Here

Interested in taking your teaching to the next step?

Curious about how to apply research methodology to become a more reflective teacher?

If you are interested in deepening your understanding of how to assess your own teaching and want experience that will make you more competitive on the job market, consider enrolling in Grad PD 496B, Teaching as Research!

Grad PD 496B is a 10 week course, offered in-person, Winter 2024 on Fridays, 12 - 2pm from January 12th - March 15th. It is an intermediate level course, and requires that you write a proposal for a Teaching as Research project (for more information on TAR see the CIRTL@UCLA website). While you are not required to be teaching while you take the course, you must have a plan to implement the project in a course (or alternative environment, which could include a lab meeting or workshop), either in Spring, Summer or Fall 2024.

The prerequisites for this course include, but are not limited to, a pedagogical course using evidence-based practices (e.g., Graduate Certificate in Writing Pedagogy courses,

LS 495, Psych 495AB, Grad PD 496A or the CIRTL MOOC).

The course is open to all graduate students and postdocs across campus.

Click here for more details on the

course and register here by December 17, 2023!

If you have any questions about whether you are eligible or the course in general,

Please contact K. Supriya at

CIRTL National Network Events

Spring 2024 CIRTL Network Programming is now Available!

This Spring, the CIRTL National Network is offering 3 courses, 2 event series

and 3 workshops for graduate students and postdocs interested in

pursing teaching careers in academia.

Spring programming covers a range of teaching and

learning topics including: evidence-based

teaching fundamentals, academic professional development,

science communication, and teaching-as-research.

The Spring semester is February 2nd - April 26th, 2024.

Registration dates vary, but mark your calendars, as most programming opens for

registration on Monday, January 8.

Remember - it is a requirement to participate

in at least one CIRTL Network offering such as attending

a workshop, webinar, or course to become a CIRTL Associate!

Below are a few highlighted CIRTL Network offerings this Spring!

Academic Professional Development

Wednesday, Jan. 31 | Preparing your Teaching Demo for a Job Interview

As part of the interview process for a faculty position in the U.S., you may be asked to lead a teaching demonstration. In this one-session workshop, we’ll discuss ways to go into your teaching demo with preparedness, confidence, and adaptability. No cap.

Registration opens Monday, January 8. Read more.

Wednesdays, Feb. 7 to Mar. 6 | Research Mentor Training

Work with a community of peers to develop and improve your research mentoring skills in this 5-week seminar-style course. Students will develop their personal mentoring philosophy, learn how to articulate that philosophy across a variety of disciplines, and refine strategies for dealing with mentoring challenges. Cap: 20.

Registration opens Monday, January 8. Read more.

Thursday, Feb. 8 | Caring for Yourself as an Instructor: Applying Rest in

the Classroom

Develop strategies for self-care as an instructor in this one-part workshop. Working off of Tricia Hersey’s (2022) Rest is Resistance framework, we will explore Hersey’s “Rest” component to identify tools for self-care, rest, and protection as an instructor existing and working in academic spaces. This workshop is intended for participants who hold minoritized identities. Cap: 15.

Registration opens Monday, January 8. Read more.

Evidence-based Teaching Fundamentals

Thursdays, Feb. 17 to Mar. 7 | Building Neuroinclusive Learning Environments: Best Practices to Support and Empower Neurodiverse Learners in STEM

Learn neurodiversity basics, explore accessible approaches to teaching and learning, and revise a specific component of your own teaching in this 4-week short course. Cap: 25.

Registration opens Monday, January 8. Read more.

Tuesdays, Mar. 5 to Apr. 23 | Mindset to Mastery: Inclusive Teaching Course

Examine your own identities, values, and experiences to cultivate an inclusive mindset that informs your teaching practices in this 8-week course. Cap: 25.

Registration opens Monday, January 29. Read more.

Interested in learning about all the CIRTL Spring courses?

Check out the CIRTL Network - Spring 2024 programming for the details

on all available courses!

SUBSCRIBE to the CIRTL Network Newsletter to receive

programming updates as more are being added!

Upcoming Professional Development

Registration Now Open:

Winter 2024 Career Center Events & Recruiting Fairs

Winter 2024

Beginning Tuesday, January 9th

Learn more here.

The UCLA Career Center is excited to announce that registration is now open for

all major career events scheduled for the Winter 2024 Quarter.

Please take a look at the events listed and register today!

Support for Evidence-Based Teaching

TA Training Program

The Center for Advancement of Teaching program provides teaching support to graduate students across campus.

Check out the CAT Website here

EPIC Program

The EPIC Program is dedicated to innovating and strengthening humanities pedagogy for both faculty and graduate students.

Check out the EPIC Website here

Check out the CEILS & CIRTL@UCLA Calendar of Events

Check out the CEILS calendar of events for a curated list of local and national workshops, webinars, and conferences! The Calendars are updated regularly so check back often.

CEILS Calendar & CIRTL@UCLA Calendar

Summer Teaching Opportunity

UCLA Life Sciences Core:

Summer 2024 Teaching Opportunities

Interested in being the instructor of record for an undergraduate course?

Want to apply your evidence-based teaching skills in practice, making you

even more competitive on the job market?

The UCLA Life Sciences Core has multiple Summer 2024 teaching opportunities

available to graduate students and postdocs, including both online and in-person

offerings of LS7A during Summer Session C (August 5 - September 13). 

Questions or Interested in Applying?

Contact Beth Lazazzera 

Postdoc Opportunity

Applications Still Open!

Stony Brook University NIH IRACDA Program

 Additional information about the program can be found on the Website and students are welcome to contact directly with any questions.

Job Opportunities

Looking for a job?

For a list of current job openings, please visit our Job Boards page here.

Make your CIRTL certification official!

There are three levels of certification for the CIRTL program, and each level has unique learning outcomes:

  1. CIRTL Associate: recognizes the role of the CIRTL core ideas in effective teaching and learning
  2. CIRTL Practitioneraddresses scholarly teaching using the CIRTL core ideas to demonstrably improve learning of students by completing a teaching-as-research (TAR) project
  3. CIRTL Scholar: advances teaching and learning, and makes the results from TAR project public. 

Register to become an official CIRTL@UCLA AssociatePractitioner, or Scholar!

Learn more here.

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