29th Mar 2012  
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Key Events (Apr-May)


CIRS to Attend NCTR Global Summit on Regulatory Science
CIRS to Give Presentation on the Updates of SFDA Regulations of Cosmetics in China.


CIRS to Hold Workshop on Pesticide Registration in EU & USA  
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Summary of the differences between EU CLP and GHS to be adopted by US OSHA 


20 March 2012, The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has finally released the final rule for its new Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) that includes hazard classification, labeling and safety data sheet requirements in compliance with the provisions of GHS. CIRS has summarized the main differences between EU CLP and the updated HCS to help companies better understand how GHS is going to be implemented in US.
Guidance on how to handle the information in 
an incoming (e) SDS published by CEFIC


29 Feb 2012, CEFIC has published a very good guidance document to advise companies on how to handle the information in (extended) SDSs received.  The guidance contains information regarding how to conduct quality check, operation compliance check, documentation and archiving. The full text is available here. 

Do not forget to submit REACH late pre-
registration before 31 May 2012
If your company plans to put a phase-in substance on EU market for the first time this year  and you predict the volume to be 100-1000t/y, you shall act now and submit your late pre-registration before 31 May 2012 to benefit from extended registration deadlines.
Webinar presentation material on pesticide
registration in China (2012) now is available
Mr David Wan's presentation about the latest updates of pesticide regulations and pesticide registration in China is now available for download from the following link. Q&A about this webinar can also be accessed from the following link.


CIQ label no longer required for imported
cosmetics in China 
14 March 2012, China Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(CIQ) has issued a public notice to stop issuing CIQ labels for imported cosmetics that have passed CIQ's inspections. This will be good news for companies exporting cosmetics to China.  



PICCS(2011) is now available online for free 


Philippine Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances (PICCS 2011) is finally available online free of charge.

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