20th Jan 2012  
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China Pesticide Registration
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Update about SVHC candidate List and 
authorization List


At the end of December, ECHA added 20 substances to the Candidate List and has recommended that 13 Substances of Very High Concern should in future not be used without authorization. 


For more information,please click here
CIRS launches Chinese Chemical Inventory 


Search System (CCISS)


CIRS launches its exclusive Chinese Chemical Inventory Search System (CCISS) today to enable companies to search the latest Chinese chemical inventories by CAS, EC or English name for free. CCISS also provides initial assessment regarding companies' obligations under relevant Chinese chemical laws. 

CCISS is available here
Updated list of toxic chemicals restricted to be 
imported or exported in China now is available


Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has updated the list of toxic chemicals severely restricted to be imported into or exported from the Peoples Republic of China. A new entry related to mercury compounds has been added, while two entries related to tributyltin compounds have been combined. The total number of chemicals remains unchanged at 158. 
The updated list is available here

New Free Webinar: China Pesticide


Registration in 2012


Ema Huang and David Wan from CIRS China will give a free webinar on China Pesticide Registration, focusing on how to ensure that your company can achieve and maintain the compliance obligations facing it, and in particular, with regard to the 2012 updates of China Pesticide Regulation carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of China. 
More info about this free webinar and registration can be found here
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