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 Vol 36, 24 Feb 2014

Latest Developments of K-REACH and Joint Webinar on TCSCA with Chemical Watch


South Korea publishes two lower K-REACH decrees for public consultations this week. One of the biggest new  proposed changes is that new substances with no expected hazards may qualify for simplified registration and benefit from reduced data requirements. We have summarized some of the latest developments of K-REACH from the lower decrees and recent public hearings for your references. To access the summary, please click here. 


We will be giving a joint webinar about TCSCA updates in Taiwan with Chemical Watch and SATECH on 26 Feb 2014. Dr Jowitt Li is an excellent speaker from Satech in Taiwan. Satech is the body that is responsible for drafting relevant guidance for new substance and existing substance registration under revised TCSCA. To obtain the latest updates, please click here to register.

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24 Feb 2014


Presentation on PICCS & PMPIN Available for Download


CIRS has successfully held a webinar on PICCS & PMPIN in Philippines on 18 Feb 2014. More than 230 attendees have registered forthe webinar and around 95 companies have attended the webinar including many big chemical companies such as Shell, BP, Dow, DuPont, AkzoNobel, Evonik, Solvay, Eastman, Honeywell, Henkel and Dow Corning.


To download the presentation, please click here.



China CRC Urges Registrants to Submit Annual Activity Report for New Substances


17 Feb 2014, The Chemical Registration Centre of China MEP (CRC-MEP) has published a notice to urge registrants to submit 2013 annual activity report for new substances before 10 March 2014. According to CRC's notice, around 1697 new substance notification certificate holders failed to submit annual activity report before 1 Feb 2014 deadline this year. The names of certificate holders who fail to meet the final deadline 10 March 2014 will be published on China MEP's website.  


For more info, please click here.  


China MEP Approves 17 Typical Notifications of New Substances


China MEP has published two notices to approve 17 more typical notifications of new substances. Since MEP Order No.7 came into force on 15 Oct 2013, 136 typical notifications of new substances (>=1t/y) have been approved in China. 


The latest statistics of new substance notification approval can be found at CIRS's China New Substance Registration Watch.



New rules on disinfectant registration and how to legally bring disinfection products onto Chinese market


In July 2013, China repealed the registration requirements on existing disinfection products. Only "new" disinfection products are required to be registered with MOH. Although existing disinfection products do not require registrations or administrative approval, they need to undergo a safety evaluation process. A safety evaluation report should be prepared. We have prepared a report on the new rules and how to legally bring disinfection products onto the Chinese market. 


To access the report, please click here.



CFDA to Make Significant Amendments of New Cosmetic Ingredient Registration Management Rules


24 Jan 2014, CFDA has published a notice to invite public comments on the amendment of new cosmetic ingredient registration management rules. The notice does not get rid of new cosmetic ingredient registrations or reduce the difficulty of getting a new cosmetic ingredient (NCI) approved in China. However, it does offer some good news for new cosmetic registrants: a protection period up to 4 years.


More info please click here.

CFDA Publishes A Consolidated Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (2014 Draft) 


24 Jan 2014, CFDA has published a notice to invite public comments on a consolidated Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC 2014). Compared to IECIC 2003 which only contains 3265 cosmetic ingredients, the 2014 draft IECIC contains 8641 cosmetics ingredients.  


To download this draft inventory and access more info, please click here.



Tips This Month


1.  Did you know that another round of existing substance nomination may be launched in May or June in Taiwan this year for substances manufactured, handled, used, or sold domestically before December 31st, 2011? Contact us if you need any assistance. 


2.  Did you know that only a small number of importers have registered their hazardous chemical products with NRCC and the registration of hazardous chemicals outside the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals is rare at the moment in China?


3.  Did you know that ArielWebInsight allows you to search global existing substance inventories, regulatory lists (exposure limits, restriction list, etc), toxicology data and eco-toxicology data by one click? Contact to obtain a detailed Chinese presentation on the functions of Ariel WebInsight today and learn more about how it may help you with regulatory compliance check and GHS SDS preparation.  



Upcoming Events


18 March 2014

Webinar: Latest Updates of CFDA Regulations on Cosmetics and Cosmetic Ingredients


24-25 March 2014

SCHC Spring 2014 Meeting, SC, USA


22-23 May 2014

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