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 Vol 33, 22 Nov 2013


Top Story This Month


The release of the Chinese Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals (2013 draft) has attracted a lot of attention in the past few weeks since its revision will have great impacts on companies doing businesses(producers, importers, users, etc) in China. We have updated our comments on the revision of the Catalog based on the information we have received from the third Shanghai Chem Summit (SMCR 2013) held last month. Those comments can be found here.


We are also pleased to inform you that the English Version of the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals (2013 Draft) is available for purchase. By purchasing the draft English version (excel format), you may get updated English version free of charge when the final version of the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals is released. If you are interested in the purchase, please complete this order form




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FAQs on "When and how do I have to report uses advised against in my SDS?" published by CEFIC


5 Nov 2013, The Cefic SDS task force has prepared the FAQ on "When and how do I have to report uses advised against in my SDS?". The FAQ can be downloaded here. 


CFDA to Simplify Record-keeping Requirements and are to Remove Compulsory Animal Test requirement regarding Non-special Use Cosmetics Produced in China


5 Nov 2013, CFDA issued a public notice inviting public comments on the adjustment of record-keeping management regarding non-special use cosmetics in China. The notice intends to simplify record-keeping requirements and remove compulsory animal test requirements for non-special use cosmetics made in China. More info can be found  here.


China MEP to Approve 6 More New Substance Notifications


18 Nov 2013, China MEP has published another notice to approve 6 more typical notifications of new substances from 6 companies. The 6 companies are DIC Corporation, Oc�-Technologies B.V., Dongwoo Fine-chem Co., Ltd., Merck, Chemexcel (Zhangjiakou) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company. The latest update of new substance notification approval can be found at CIRS'sChina New Substance Registration Watch.


A Preview of China's Plan to Revise Its Food Contact Standards


The National Health and Family Planning Commission of People's Republic of China (formerly the Ministry of Health) issued a public notice inviting public comments regarding the clean-up of food-related product standards specially food package materials in China in the end of September. CIRS has summarized the main changes of China's food contact standards. The preview can be accessed here.


CIRS Invites You to Attend Customers Appreciation Meeting and Get the Latest Updates of Global Chemical Regulations in Hangzhou on 19 Dec 2013.


Registration is free of charge to CIRS's existing clients. The language is Chinese. To get more info or register for this meeting, please click here.



Key Events Next Month


5 Dec 2013, Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit, VA


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16-17 Dec 2013, Annual Conference on Overseas Pesticide Registration for Chinese Pesticide Industry


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