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26 August, 2014 



Regulatory News of Industrial Chemicals in China                                           
Five companies received administrative penalty from the MEP due to their failure in fulfilling obligations under MEP Order No.7 


July 24th 2014, MEP issued the administrative penalty decision to five companies, as they failed in reporting the actual activity of manufactured/imported new chemical substance to Chemical Registration Center (CRC) in 2012. The five companies were fined and ordered to correct by the MEP according to Order No. 7. It seems that the recent punishments will be an alarm to the companies who are eager to obtain the New Chemical Substance certificate but lost their sights of post-obligations under No.7 Order.

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Ms Lu Lin from the MEP-SCC will speak at SMCR 2014 

15 Oct, 2014, Ms Lu Lin, senior engineer of Review and Registration Division, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center of China MEP, is going to speak on Interpretation of the latest guidance on new chemical substance notification in China at the 4th Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in China, Korea and Japan - SMCR 2014.

According to the latest updates from the Chinese Solid Waste and Chemical Management Center (MEP-SCC) workshop in Beijing, the guidance document of New Chemical Substance in China will be revised. The MEP-SCC is involved in the ongoing revision process of the Guidance document for New Chemical Substance Notification in China.

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China MEP publishes new statistics regarding the number of registration certificates for new chemical substances

31 July 2014, Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) has published new statistics regarding the numbers of environmental administration registration certificates and scientific research record certificates issued for new chemical substances in the first half of this year. This disclosure was made according to the article 22 and 23 of the MEP Order No.7.
New substances cannot be added into IECSC through simplified notifications. To know more about the details of the statistics.

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China MEP is going to hold the 2nd workshop on environmental risk assessment


August 25-28 2014, MEP will hold 2nd national workshop on environmental risk assessment. In order to better implement the Measures for Environmental Administration Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (MEP Order No.22), especially the registration for Priority Hazardous Chemicals of Environmental Management (PHCs), the MEP is planning relevant courses and workshops to educate professionals to work on environmental risk assessment. Experts from CIRS attended the first workshop in late June 2014, and all the experts have passed the exams and get certificates to compile the risk assessment report for PHCs. More info about the regulation.

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Food and Food-related Regulatory News in China


China biggest dairy products manufacturer sells modified milks as pure milks


In China, food labels have become a growing concern among all regulatory issues over the last few years. China Mengniu Dairy Company was charged with unqualified food labeling by a consumer who is working on cracking down counterfeit goods. According to the consumer, some of the products from this company such as 'Banana milk' and 'Vanilla milk 'are modified milks under national standard GB 25191, but not as labeled 'pure milks'. He claimed this way of labeling will mislead consumers. The representative of the company said that they will correct the incompliant labels soon. According to CIQ, there will be fewer chances to correct the incompliant food labels for imported food. CIQ will return or destroy them directly at the border. 


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GB 13432-2013 China Food Safety National Standard for General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Food for Special Dietary Uses


The National Health and Family Planning Commission of People's Republic of China (formerly the Ministry of Health) has published China food safety national standard GB 13432-2013, general rules for labeling of prepackaged food for special dietary uses. This national standard will enter into force on 1 July 2015. GB 13432-2013, alongside GB 7718-2011 and GB 28050-2011, specified the categories and labeling requirements (including nutrition labeling requirements) of food for special uses in China.

If you would like to export these foods into China, you need to pay attention to these standards and to make sure the labels are complaint with the requirements.


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EU Biocidal Product Registration


 Non-EU companies to be indicated in the list of biocidal active substances and suppliers

ECHA and the Commission have agreed to publish the company names of non-EU entities together with their EU-representatives in the Article 95 list of the Biocidal Products Regulation. To ensure equal treatment, all non-EU manufacturers will from now on have the possibility to appoint an EU representative for the purposes of the Article 95 list. Non-EU companies participating in the Review Program will be contacted by ECHA for more information about their EU-representatives.  

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Upcoming Events


 SCHC Fall meeting in Washington DC on 27 Sept -1 Oct 2014

CIRS will exhibit at upcoming SCHC Fall meeting in Washington DC from 27 Sept to 1 Oct 2014. Mr Eric Xiong, the head of Industrial Chemicals Sector of CIRS, together with his expert team will exhibit during the meeting and bring news and updates of chemical regulations in Asian-pacific region to attendees.


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Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit - Asia on 3rd September 2014, Singapore


The summit, held by ChemicalWatch will be a great opportunity to join the panel of experts and share special perspectives and understandings of global regulatory challenges. The Summit aims to tackle regulatory and compliance issues in China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan together with India, the U.S. and the EU, by using a mixed format of presentations and in-depth Q&A panel discussion. 

Mr. Eric Xiong from CIRS will speak at the Chemical Watch Regulatory Summit - Asia on 3rd September 2014 in Singapore. He will discuss new updates regarding chemical regulations in China and Taiwan. 

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SMCR 2014

The 4th Summit Meeting of Chemical Regulation in China, Japan, Korea is the biggest annual event for CIRS. This year, one of the highlight is the interpretation and preparation of the upcoming Korean REACH. This is also the first time for the Speaker from India to bring updates of Indian chemical management policies. 

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