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Volume 10, October 2011

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Exclusive Regulatory Updates

Update History of CLP Regulation Summarized by CIRS


5 Oct 2011, The European Commission published a draft Regulation amending the Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) of substances and mixtures. This is the third adaptations progress (ATPs) to the CLP regulation.


More information about the third amendment and the update history of CLP regulation can be found here. 

18 Oct 2011, China MEP released a draft Measures for the Registration of Environmental Administration of Hazardous chemicals for public consultations

The draft regulation requires companies who manufacture or use hazardous chemicals to register hazardous chemicals with local environmental protection authorities. Priority hazardous chemicals for environmental management are subject to more stringent requirements. 


More info about this draft can be found here.



11 Oct 2011, the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) of China released two laws regarding hazardous chemicals for public consultation.


Both laws are sub-measures of the Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in China(Decree 591) released earlier in March this year.    


One of them is the revised version of the Measures for the Administration of Registration of Hazardous Chemicals. These Measures stipulate the detailed requirements and procedures regarding the registration of hazardous chemicals in China. The key principle is that manufacturers and importers shall register chemicals listed in the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals with the National Registration Center of Chemicals (NRCC) of SAWS prior to manufacture or importation for the first time.


The other one is called the Measures for The Administration of Safe Use License for Hazardous Chemicals, which requires companies who use hazardous chemicals to obtain a safe use license.


More info about those two laws and how they might impact on your business can be found here.   



CIRS Events

24 Nov 2011, Training webinar: assessing the impact of the regulations on safe management of hazardous chemicals in China (2011) on your business


The Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals released in March 2011 is no doubt the most complex chemical legislation in China. There are 102 articles, more than 8 supporting measures and numerous national standards for this law. More than 8 government bodies are involved in the implementation of this law. After entering into force on 1 Dec this year, it is going to regulate the manufacture, storage, import, sales, use and transport of over 7,000 hazardous chemicals and will affect over 30,000 companies trading hazardous chemicals. It is the main law regulating existing chemicals in China. It is also the main law for implementing GHS in China.

Mr Yunbo Shi will navigate you through this complex legislation and help you identify your roles and obligations under this law.

More info about this webinar can be found here.  

11 Nov 2011, Free Webinar: Practical REACH & CLP Compliance Tips for EU Importers and Downstream Users

CIRS would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming webinar given by Mr Morgan Prendeville: which will provide practical REACH and CLP compliance tips and advice for EU importers and downstream users

Main Topics to be Covered

  • Overview of REACH(1907/2006/EC) and CLP (EC) No 1907/2006;
  • Enforcement of REACH and CLP in Ireland and Europe
  • Practical Tips/ advice for Importers and Downstream Users
  • Essential Compliance Checklist & Documentary Requirements
  • How to prepare for a Compliance Audit
  • Necessary actions low tonnage band registrants must take.
To register this for webinar, please click here.

3-4 Nov 2011, Shanghai Chem Summit 

Officials from MEP, AQSIQ and NRCC of China will talk about the Decree 591 (regulations on safe management of hazardous chemicals), the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals and Chinese GHS classification standards that are being revised.
If you have any questions that need clarifications from officials from China, Korea and Japan, please send them to eric.xiong at We will ask those questions during the summit for you.

More info about the summit can be found below: