CIRS Newsletter Vol. 26
14 March 2013  
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In This Issue


1. Change of ECHA Fee 
2. Interview with Symrise
3. REACH Registration 2013
4. IECSC(2013) Published 
5. IECIC Finalized
6. China MEP Order 22 Enters into Force
7. List of Hazardous Chemicals for Priority Management Updated
8. Draft Guidance for Drinking Water Related Products
9. Workshop on In Vitro Alternative Methods for Cosmetics
Key Events 


Workshop on In Vitro Alternative Methods for Cosmetics
Guangzhou, China | 18-19 Mar 2013
This event is co-organized by CIRS. The agenda of this workshop can be found
China-EU industry forum on safer chemical substitution
Hangzhou, China | 25 Mar 2013
This event is organized by greenpeace. CIRS will attend this event.
More info about this event can be found here.

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There has been a recent proposed change in ECHA fee associated with REACH Registration and CIRS urges you to check if these fee changes affect your company's registration or not. From the end March 2013, ECHA fees may increase for large enterprises and decrease for SMEs. For example, for 1000t/y and regular enterprise, ECHA fee will increase from 23250 Euros to 24901 Euros.


More info about the change can be found here.


Symrise get the first skin-whitening agent recently approved by SFDA in China. CIRS has given an interview to Dr Robert Fellous (currently Director of Intertek Healthcare & Beauty and previously Symrise SVP Global Regulatory Affairs) and Ms. Wu Lan Symrise ASPAC Regulatory Affairs Director who have shared their experience and challenges to help other companies improve their efficiency during registration of new cosmetic ingredient in China.


More info about this interview can be found here



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CIRS Regulatory Team.

8 March 2013, Time to Check the Security of Supply of Your Substances under REACH


As the 31st of May 2013 deadline for REACH registration approaches, companies are urged to determine the security of supply of the substances they are involved with. According to the ECHA, registrations for over 3,000 substances are expected to be submitted by the end of May. Meanwhile, however, a list of over 700 substances has been compiled for which no lead registrant has been nominated or appointed and as such, may be at risk of disappearing from the market. It is recommended that companies involved with substances in quantities above 100 t/a check to ensure their substances are not present on that list.


More info can be found here.

7 March 2013, Free Webinar REACH & Supply Chain Risks Successfully Held. 



CIRS held a webinar on REACH & Supply Chain Risks. More than 70 companies have attended. If you purchase chemicals from China and import them into Europe, you may benefit from taking a look at this presentation to reduce your supply chain risks associated with REACH. 


The presentation of this webinar can be downloaded here.

1 March 2013, The Measures for Environmental Administration Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (2012) Enters into Force


This regulation requires companies which deal with certain hazardous chemicals in China to submit a registration to environmental protection authorities. 


More info about this regulation can be found here

25 Feb 2013, China SAWS Publishes the Catalog of Applicable Industry Sector for Safe Use Permit of Hazardous Chemicals. 


Companies using hazardous chemicals in China may check if their industry sector requires safe use permit or not. More info can be found here

17 Feb 2013, China SAWS publishes the 2nd batch of hazardous chemicals for priority management


There are now 74 hazardous chemicals for priority management in total. Manufacturers are required to prepare sound emergency response plan to deal with possible chemical accidents. Companies who use hazardous chemicals on this list to manufacture products shall obtain a safe use permit from the administrative department of work safety at city level when the quantity of usage exceeds certain threshold.


More info can be found here.

7 Feb 2013, China SFDA has finalized the first batch of Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China (IECIC)


The first batch of IECIC contains 1674 cosmetic ingredients. More batches will be published in the future. Compared to the draft version, the finalized version clearly indicates that the maximum use level in IECIC is from already approved cosmetics in China and it does not mean restriction limit. To get the finalized first or consolidated list of IECIC (3 draft batches), please contact

6 Feb 2013, MOH Publishes Draft Guidance on Label and Specification of Drinking Water-related Products


The National Center for Health Inspection and Supervision (NCHIS) of the Ministry of Health (MOH) has published a draft Guidance on Label and Specification of Drinking Water-related Products (for example, drinking water treatment materials) on 6 Jan 2013. As the one-month comment period ended on 6 Feb 2013, we expect the final version to be released in the following months. This guidance clearly identified key items that must be indicated on the label of drinking water-related products. Meanwhile, some ambiguous and illegal descriptions are forbidden to be given on the label. 


More info can be found here.

1 Feb 2013, China MEP has published updated Chinese existing chemical inventory IECSC (2013).


This is the first time that full list of IECSC is made available to the public for free. There are 42342 substances in the public section of IECSC (2013) and there are 3270 substances in the confidential section of IECSC (2013). The substances in the confidential section are shown in category names. According CRC's press release, around 1200 entries have been adjusted.


To find more info about IECSC (2013) and download this list in smaller file, please click here| China | Ireland 
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