CIRS Newsletter Vol. 25 - Jan 2013
25 Jan 2013  
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In This Issue


1. China Chemical Regulatory Update Report 2012 
2. The 5th ATP to EU CLP
3. 54 Substances Added onto SVHC Candidate List
4. China to Update Labelling Requirements for Cosmetics
5. Report: Disinfectant Registration in China - Past, Present and Future 
6. China MEP to Approve 14 New Substance Notifications
7. China CRC Publishes New Forms for Annual Report
8. CIRS Exhibited at CW's Workshop
9. Free Webinar: REACH & Supply Chain Risks 
Key Events 


Free Webinar: REACH & Supply Chain Risks
26 Feb 2013

CIRS is delighted to invite you to attend a free webinar about REACH and Supply Chain Risks. This webinar's primary focus will be about how to work with REACH only representative to ensure REACH compliance along the supply chain and how to avoid common trade fraud related to REACH. If you import chemicals into Europe from China, this webinar will provide you with necessary knowledge to minimize your business risks.


 To register this event, please click here.

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We are pleased to announce that CIRS published its China Chemical Regulatory Update Report for 2012 this month. The report has summarized some main chemical regulatory updates for chemicals, cosmetics, agrochemicals and biocides which have occurred in China in 2012. The summary provides an expert overview of what is happening in China and what is to come in 2013.


The full report can be downloaded here.


We also would like to inform you that our Chinese office will be closed between 7th Feb and 17th Feb due to traditional Chinese Spring Festival. Our Irish office will not be affected by this.


best regards,




best regards,


CIRS Regulatory Team.

The 5th ATP to CLP regulation(draft) is available


16 Jan 2013, The 5th ATP(draft) was notified to WTO in December and it proposes to update the classifications of over 40 substances (for example, vinyl acetate & Nitrobenzene) in Tables 3.1 and 3.2 of Annex VI of CLP regulation. The draft regulation is expected to come into force from 1 January 2015.


Use of harmonised classification and labelling set out in Tables 3.1 and 3.2 of Annex VI of CLP regulation is mandatory in Europe. It is very important that companies follow the updates of CLP regulation to ensure that they are using up-to-date classification criteria or harmonized classifications.


More info about the update history of CLP regulation and how to download the 5th ATP can be found here.

ECHA adds 54 more substances to SVHC candidate list.


19 Dec 2012, ECHA has added another 54 substances to the SVHC Candidate List, a list that now contains a total of 138 substances. Inclusion on this list imposes new information requirements on manufacturers and importers of listed substances and on suppliers of preparations and articles containing the substances.


More info about the latest SVHC candidate list and its impact, please click here.

China to Update Labeling Requirements for Cosmetics


17 Jan 2013,China has notified two new regulations for cosmetic labeling and product instruction sheets to the world trade organization (WTO) last month. The two new regulations pertain to Cosmetics Label and Instructions, and Guidance for the Cosmetics Label and Instructions. The proposed date of entry into force is 1 July 2013. The new regulations have updated labeling requirements for cosmetics with volume below than or equal to 15g or 15ml and free cosmetic samples and set new requirements on product instruction sheets.


For more information about the proposed changes, please click here

CIRS Publishes a Report: Disinfectant Registration in China - Past, Present and Future

15 Jan 2013, This report looks into the status of registration of disinfection products in China, regulatory updates, and special events in the last 12 years.


The full report can be downloaded here

China MEP to approve 14 more new substances notifications


5 Jan 2013, The latest statistics of new substance notifications approved in China in 2012 can be found on CIRS's new substance registration watch.

China CRC publishes new documents for annual activity report for new substances


5 Jan 2013, CRC has updated forms for annual activity report. Registrants of new substances are required to use the new forms to submit the annual activity report to CRC of MEP before 1 Feb. 


More info can be found here.

22 Jan 2013, CIRS attended/ exhibited at the Chemical Watch Conference-Practical supply chain solutions under REACH and CLP - in Brussels.


This event addressed practical supply chain solutions under REACH and CLP. With a hand-picked panel of experts, including CIRS, presenting practical, forward-looking solutions, it delivered exceptional informational value to the attendees.


CIRS would like to thank all the companies whom we had the pleasure of meeting at this event.

CIRS promoted its chemical regulatory consultancy (REACH & CLP) services for 2013 during this event. We also exclusively introduced our Hazardous Substance Free supply chain solution called HENZ. The HENZ system offers practical supply chain solutions for EU REACH via a bespoke cost-effective toolkit to manage obligations related to regulatory compliance for article compliance. In addition to regulatory data management across the supply chain, the system can also help users to evaluate regulatory compliance and export documentary evidence.

If you missed us at this event and would like more information, please contact Ms Louise Halpin (louise at| China | Ireland 
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