CIRS Newsletter 24: Season's Greetings
18 Dec 2012
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1. Season's greetings from CIRS
2. ECHA publishes company names & registration numbers(hot!)
3. China MEP to approve 8 new substance notifications
4. China MEP to start national environmental investigation of chemicals(hot!)
5 China SAWS publishes measures of hazard identification(hot!)
6 China SAWS publishes measures for safe use permit
7. China SFDA to revise hygienic standard for cosmetics(hot!)
8. China MoH to approve 261 new food contact additives
9.China MEP issued notice of environmental investigation of chemicals 
10. Presentation on GHS labelling for small & awkward packaging available upon request
Key Event


Chemical Watch's Workshop - Practical REACH & CLP Supply Chain Solutions
22 Jan 2013, Brussels

CIRS extends an invitation for you to meet us at the upcoming Chemical Watch January workshop, which will address practical supply chain solutions under REACH and CLP. 


For more information, or to schedule a meeting with CIRS during this event please contact Ms Louise Halpin (louise at  

More info about this event can be found here.
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2012 has been a busy and successful year here at CIRS and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kind support during the year. We will continue to improve the quality of our information and services to ease your work and we will be writing to you again to inform you of our new developments at CIRS.


Through this letter, we wish you, your colleagues, family and friends a very merry Christmas.


Happy New Year 2013 and enjoy your holidays!


Best regards,


Yunbo Shi, Managing Director


On behalf of CIRS's regulatory team.

ECHA Publishes Company Names & Registration Numbers


28 Nov 2012, ECHA has published company names and registration numbers from REACH registration dossiers. Approximately 26,000 company names and registration numbers are published. At the same time, the search function has been extended. Companies now can easily search registrant's name by substance or search the list of substances registered by one registrant.


More info can be found here.

China MEP to Approve another 8 Typical Notifications of New Substances


4 Dec 2012, The Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) has published another 8 typical notifications of new substances for consultations. Among the 8 typical notifications, 2 are prepared and submitted by CIRS. This shows the technical strength of CIRS again in the notification of new chemical substances in China.


For more information about the list of registrants, please click here.

China MEP to start national environmental investigation of chemicals


30 Nov 2012, China MEP has successfully held a training seminar for Environmental Investigation of Chemicals in Beijing. Over 180 representatives from local environmental protection authorities have attended this training.


China MEP decided to start a national environmental investigation of chemicals manufactured in China, starting from January 2013, to increase the management of chemical substances in China. All chemical producers will be affected. The investigation contents include company information, inventory of chemical substances manufactured, ingredients and pollution emissions. Inspection of new chemical substance is also part of the investigation in accordance with the Article 42 of Provisions on the Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances in China (2010): MEP will organize a comprehensive inspection on new chemical substances every 5 years.


For more information about how this investigation might affect your business, please contact Mr Eric Xiong (eric.xiong at

China SAWS Publishes the Measures for the Administration of Physical Hazard Identification and Classification of Chemicals for Consultations.


4 Dec 2012, China SAWS publishes draft measures for the administration of physical hazard identification and classification of chemicals for consultations. The measures provide clarifications about how to determine whether registration is required for a chemical product (substance or mixture) that is not listed in the Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals.


The draft measures require manufacturers and importers to carry out physical hazard identification and classification at SAWS-approved institutions for chemicals with unknown hazard properties and submit identification and classification report to the National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC). If chemicals are confirmed as hazardous, companies must prepare SDSs and labels and register such chemicals within 6 months.


CIRS has analyzed the implications for this draft measures. For more information about its impact, please click here.

China SAWS Publishes Its Order 57 - The Measures for the Administration of Safe Use Permit for Hazardous Chemicals


27 Nov 2012, China SAWS publishes its order 57 - the measures for the administration of safe use permit for hazardous chemicals, one of the supporting measures of decree 591. The new measures require companies who use hazardous chemicals to manufacture products in China (excluding manufacturers of hazardous chemicals and companies who use hazardous chemicals as fuel) to obtain a safe use permit from the administrative department of work safety at city level when certain criteria are met.


CIRS has analyzed the implications for this draft measures. For more information about its impact, please click here.

China SFDA to Revise Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics and Lower Pb/As Level in Cosmetics

4 Dec 2012, China SFDA has published a notice to invite public comments on revised Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics, now renamed as Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics. The deadline for comments is 15 Dec 2012.


The Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics issued by the Ministry of Health in 2007 is the most important cosmetic standard in China that sets detailed safety requirements on finished cosmetic products manufactured or sold in China. The Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics have banned over 1200 substances in cosmetics and restricted the use of 73 substances, 56 preservatives, 156 colorants, 28 sun block agents and 93 dyes in cosmetics.


To find more information about the changes in the revised standard, please click here.

China MOH to Approve 261 New Food Contact Additives


27 Nov 2012, The Ministry of Health of China publishes the third batch of 261 food contact additives for public consultations. The list includes the names of food contact additives, CAS numbers, the scope of use, maximum level and maximum permitted quantity (QM) or specific migration limit (SML). In China, new additives used in food packaging materials must be approved by health authorities first.


For more information, please click here

Presentation of GHS Labelling for Small Containers & Awkward Packaging Available for Download


The entry-level presentation was given by Mr. Morgan Prendeville on 14 Dec 2012. The presentation focused on tackling the challenges of GHS labeling for small containers & awkward packages for chemical products.


If you are interested in this presentation, please contact morgan at | China | Ireland 
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