CIRS Newsletter Vol. 23
21 Nov 2012  
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In This Issue


1. Pictures & presentations from the 2nd Shanghai Chem Summit 
2. ECHA started revoking registration number
3. CRC to increase fee for searching the confidential section of IECSC
4. China SFDA to simplify the procedure of changing name & address
5. SAWS publishes final documents for HazChem registrations
6. CIRS launches two new services this month: regulatory assistant program and SDS & label authoring services for Asia Pacific
Key Events 


Chemical Management Poclies Dialogue - China, Korea and Japan
14 December 2012 

CIRS is delighted to invite you to attend a free webinar which will be given by Mr Morgan Prendeville regarding GHS labelling for small containers. This webinar's primary focus will be about tackling the challenges of GHS labeling for small containers & awkward packages for chemical products (particularly for EU & China). 


 To register this event, please click here.

China New Substance Notification Training
21 Nov 2012 | Taipei

Invited by Safety and Health Technology Center (SAHTECH) in Taiwan, Mr Eric Xiong from CIRS will give practical training to companies in Taiwan about how to notify new substances in mainland China.
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The 2nd Shanghai Chem Summit 2012, organised by CIRS, KTR and JEMAI, was successfully held in Shanghai on 24-26 Oct 2012. More than 180 delegates from chemical industry (including representatives from companies such as Dow, DuPont, DSM, Lanxess, AkzoNobel, Boeing, Evonik, Syngenta, Ashland, and Chevron etc) & over 20 government officials from China, Korea & Japan attended this summit.


We would like to thank you for your attendance and for passing our message on to your colleagues. We are pleased to inform you that you can download up to 3 presentations free of charge as our newsletter subscribers. 


The pictures & download link can be found below:


Please replace the default PPT download code CIRS2013 with CIRSCHEM2012 and input correct 4-digit validation code. The default code only allows you to download 1 presentation.  If you would like to obtain all presentations, you may order a CD or full access code which costs 100 Euros. 



best regards,


CIRS Regulatory Team.

ECHA has started revoking registration numbers assigned to registrants who declared incorrect SME status and did not pay the appropriate registration fee. 


18 Nov 2012, ECHA has revoked a number of registration numbers and this concerns registrants who have incorrectly claimed to be entitled to a fee reduction for micro, small or medium-sized enterprises and did not pay the appropriate registration fee despite repeated reminders. The companies in question have been informed that their registration number is no longer valid and that they can no longer rely on the registration to manufacture or import the substance concerned in quantities above one tonne per annum.


More info can be found here.

China CRC to increase fee for searching confidential section of IECSC


16 Nov 2012, The Chemical Registration Centre (CRC) of China MEP has announced that their administrative fee for searching the confidential section of IECSC will increase from 200 RMB per enquiry to 600 RMB (~100 USD) per enquiry. The new fee will apply from 1st Jan 2013. The current charge is 200 RMB (~35 USD) per enquiry. If your substance cannot be found in online IECSC database and you would like to search the confidential section of IECSC, you can do it now to save some money. 


More info can be found here

China SFDA to Simplify the Procedure of Changing Name and Address of Cosmetic Manufacturer and Chinese Responsible Agent


15 Nov 2012, the State Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) has issued a notice No.307-2012 to simplify the procedure of changing the name or address of cosmetic manufacturer or Chinese responsible agent provided that production site remains unchanged. A company ("applicant") who would like to update the name & address on issued approval license can submit an application form and other supporting documents to SFDA.


More info can be found here.

China SAWS publishes final supporting documents for HazChem registrations. 


25 Oct 2012, China SAWS has published final supporting documents for hazardous chemicals registration. The 8 supporting documents consist of hazardous chemicals registration form for manufacturers, registration form for importers, user application form, application form for renewal, and NRCC's draft notices to reject one application or request more data.


For more info can be found here.

CIRS Launches Regulatory Assistant Program 


CIRS is launching a unique cost-efficient regulatory assistant program to help you reduce business risks associated with regulatory affairs and remove barriers to entry. Would you like to have an experienced local regulatory assistant to help you track the latest chemical regulations in China, do some translations of legal texts and clarify your questions by doing research and communicating with local authorities?


The benefits of joining CIRS regulatory assistant program include:

  • Removing language and cultural barrier;
  • Avoiding hiring full-time staff and lowering your compliance costs for China;
  • Product regulatory compliance check & advice;
  • Choosing your own consultants you know or chemical regulations you are interested;
  • Having local regulatory affairs staff clarifying your questions, analyzing the impact of any new regulations on your business and communicating with authorities in China;
  • Accessing CIRS's quarterly regulatory update report
 More info about the pricing of this service can be found here.

CIRS Launches SDS & Label Authoring for Asia Pacific - Any Region, Any Format, Any Language


CIRS is pleased to announce that it now offers comprehensive SDS & label authoring services for Asia Pacific region. Our SDSs & labels are prepared in the official language of destination region/country and reflect the latest regulatory requirements on format, unique classification rules, ingredient disclosure & regulatory information in each country/region. 


The region/language we serve and the pricing can be found here. | China | Ireland 
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