CIRS Newsletter Vol. 21
12 Sept 2012  
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In This Issue


1. Exciting Updates About The 2nd Shanghai Summit 
2. The ECHA SVHC Candidate List Set to Grow
3. The Recast EU Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation Enters Into Force
4. China MEP to Approve Another 12 New Typical Notifications
5. The Revised Measures for HazChem Registration in China Now Available in English for Free
6. China SFDA to Approve A New Cosmetic Ingredient.
Key Events 


SCHC Fall Meeting 2012
19-23 Sept | Arlington, VA

CIRS will exhibit at SCHC fall meeting held in Arlington of Virginia this year. Mr Yunbo Shi from CIRS will give a presentation on Chinese Chemical Regulatory Update at the meeting. If you also plan to attend SCHC, please feel free to visit our booth to learn more about us.


- >  SCHC Fall Meeting 2012



Last Chance to Register for Free Webinar: How Biocides Are Regulated in China

14 Sept 2012

There is no single law or single government body regulating all types of biocides in China. In this webinar Mr David Wan & Ms Ema Huang will analyze how different types of biocides are regulated in China and what kind of data is required for pre-market registration. 


Workshop on Safety Assessment of Personal Care Products & New Ingredients in China
26 Oct 2012 | Shanghai

This workshop will focus on safety assessment of cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient in China. 


Speakers include:

Brian C. Jones, Institute for In Vitro Sciences(IIVS), Ms Zhu Li, Shanghai Municipality Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Ms April Guo, CIRS


Registrants of the 2nd Shanghai Chem Summit can get a free pass to this workshop.


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We are happy to inform you of the latest exciting updates about the 2nd Shanghai Chem Summit held on 24-26 Oct 2012.

  • The official website of the 2nd Shanghai Chem Summit is now available in four languages: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese & English;
  • A Workshop on Safety Assessment of Personal Care Products & New Ingredients in China will be held on 26 Oct. Registrants of the 2nd Shanghai Summit can participate in this workshop for free;
  • More than 60 companies or organizations have registered for this event. Please do not miss this great three-days networking event;

To find out who has registered for this event and more information about registration, please click here.


Please register before 1 Oct to enjoy the early bird rate. We look forward to seeing you there. More regulatory updates in this volume can be found below. 

The ECHA SVHC Candidate list set to grow as a further 54 SVHCs are proposed


4 Sept 2012, Further to the addition of 13 SVHCs to the ECHA Candidate List in June, ECHA have announced on 3rd September that proposals have been put forward for the identification of a further 54 substances. Please click here to find out whether your products are on the list of 54 substances.  

EU Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation enters into force.


16 August 2012, the recast EU Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation enters into force. The regulation implements the Rotterdam Convention at EU level, sets guidelines for the import and export of certain hazardous chemicals and will apply for industry from 1 March 2014 onwards. The European Chemicals Agency will implement the relevant regulatory framework and develop new IT-tools for this. 


More information about its impact can be found here.

China MEP to approve another 12 typical notifications of new substances


30 August 2012, Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) has published another 12 typical notifications of new substances for consultations. Among 12 typical notifications, one high-level typical notification (100-1000t/y) was completed by CIRS.

This is a milestone showing the technical breakthrough of CIRS in the notification of new chemical substances in China. We have given an interview to Mr Wang Qiwei from CIRS who is in charge of dossier preparation and chemical risk assessment for the new substance, in order to try to help the industry to cope with the problems encountered during the process of dossier preparation and expert technical review. It is expected to shorten the notification period significantly if the notifiers could solve these problems prior to dossier submission.


More info about the 12 newly approved substances and this interview can be found here.

The measures for the administration of registration of hazardous chemicals is now available in English for free.

15 Aug 2012, The revised Measures for the Administration of Registration of Hazardous Chemicals (2012) enters into force on 1 Aug 2012 and will trigger important new obligations for companies, especially importers in China. The measures have set out the detailed requirements and procedures for registration as required by the regulations on safe management of hazardous chemicals (Decree 591) that came into force on 1 December last year. 


This regulation is now available in English for free. Please contact to request a free copy.

China SFDA to approve a new cosmetic ingredient: Phenylethyl Resorcinol


7 August 2012, China SFDA consults on the approval of a new cosmetic ingredient Phenylethyl Resorcinol.  Phenylethyl Resorcinol is going to be the third new cosmetic ingredient approved by SFDA since it took responsibilities of cosmetics management from the Ministry of Health since 2008. Apparently China SFDA has expedited the approval of new cosmetic ingredient recently.


 More info can be found here. | China | Ireland 
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