CIRS Newsletter Vol. 18
22 May 2012  
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Key Events 


ECHA 7th Stakeholders' Day
23-25 May | Helsinki

Ms Louise Halpin and Ms Queenier Yang of CIRS will attend this conference.


If you also plan to be in attendance at this conference and would like to arrange an appointment with CIRS to discuss what services we can offer, please don't hesitate to contact Ms Louise Halpin via email at ( CIRS is looking forward to meeting you there.

ACHEMA Workshop on Chemical Control Legislation in East Asia

21 June | Frankfurt

Mr Eric Xiong will give a presentation on the latest updates of chemical management policies in China. CIRS is looking forward to meeting you there.




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ECHA finally allows Only Representatives to submit C&L notifications.  


6 May 2012, The European Commission has finally announced that Only Representatives (ORs) appointed under the REACH Regulation are now permitted to submit group C&L notifications on behalf and in the name of the manufacturers/importers that are part of the group. This update is of particular importance to non-EU companies who wish to keep their ingredient information confidential. This news is also important to EU importers because they might not need to do C&L notifications by themselves any more. 


More info can be found here.

Final Week for 2012 Late pre-registration 

20 May 2012, Late pre-registrations of substances has been at the top of the agenda for many companies in recent weeks. Next week signifies a final opportunity for companies involved with substances in the 100-1000t/a bracket submit late pre-registrations and benefit from extended transitional deadline for their substances. As the final week for late pre-registration approaches, CIRS remains on call to assist companies with meeting this important regulatory deadline.

More info can be found here

208 Substances to Be Added Onto China IECSC (2010)


14 May 2012, 208 substances have been approved to be added onto the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances Produced or Imported into China (IECSC). A majority of those substances are intermediates and fluorinated compounds. It is not clear yet when those substances will be added onto the online IECSC database.


Companies who have searched the public and confidential section of IECSC before and concluded that their substances are new substances are strongly advised to check if the substances are on the list of 208 substances to avoid unnecessary notification costs.

If you would like to search this list, please click here. 

Revised Draft of IECIC Is Available for  Download



1 May 2012, China SFDA publishes a revised draft of the first batch of the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China (IECIC) for public consultations. Suppliers of cosmetic ingredients and manufacturers of cosmetics shall refer to the latest IECIC to determine whether an ingredient has been approved for use in cosmetics in China.


To download this list, please click here.

David Wan analyzes the impact of Praquat's ban in China


1 May 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and AQSIQ have published a joint notice 1745 to phase out the use of Paraquat in China gradually. Mr David Wan analyzes the impact of the notice 1745 on China's herbicide market.


More info can be found here.

Taiwan's supplementary nomination starts from 1 June 2012


Taiwan's draft national exiting chemical inventory (NECI) is now available for search here.  If your substance is not listed in the draft NECI, you still have the chance to submit more nominations from 1 June 2012. This supplementary nomination process ends on 31 August 2012. Tools and guidance were published this month for companies to make supplementary nominations.


Manufacturers and importers of chemicals in Taiwan now can make their supplementary nominations between 1 June through 31 August 2012 if their substances are not listed in the inventory but have been manufactured, imported, handled, used, or sold in Taiwan during 1 January 1993 and 31 December 2011.


More info can be found here.

CIRS now offers comprehensive chemical compliance services for China, Korea and Japan


CIRS has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with our partners in Korea and Japan.  CIRS now offers comprehensive chemical compliance services for China, Korea and Japan. Those services include inventory search, confirmation of registration exemption, all types of new substance notification, safety data sheets and labels compliant with relevant legislation and national standards. 


If you are interested in our services for Korea and Japan and you would like more information, then please contact | China | Ireland 
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