CIRS are pleased to announce that subscription to the 4th Shanghai Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in China, Korea and Japan (SMCR 2014) is now open. The meeting will bring you important news on regulatory updates, enforcement measures, the development of safety and sustainability of the chemical industry in the Asia-pacific region.  Delegates can share information, communicate and exchange ideas regarding chemical regulatory affairs with regulatory experts, officials and industry representatives from different regions. Early subscribers can avail of a discount on the subscription fee. We also welcome and invite companies and organizations to become sponsors and gain promotion privileges during the meeting.
 more information of SMCR 2014 can be found here.

We look forward to your attendance.

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Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Group (CIRS)
Korea Testing & Research Institute(KTR)
Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI)



10 July, CIRS Free Webinar on REACH / CLP compliance considerations for importers and recommended solutions



10 July 2014, Ms Louise Halpin, the Chief Operations Officer of CIRS Europe is to hold a webinar on main REACH and CLP considerations for importers of substances and preparations within the EU market. This webinar will start at 9.00 am (GMT) and last approximatley 40 minutes. Don't miss this great opportunity to get to know more about REACH/CLP required documents, tips and recommendations with suppliers. If you want to register the event 


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CIRS to Hold a Free Webinar: SAWS Order 55 and Operating Licenses for Hazardous Chemicals in China on 16 July



16 July 2014, Mrs Yixin Zhang, senior regulatory affairs specialist at CIRS will present on the topic of the measures of operating licenses for hazardous chemicals in China (SAWS order 55). The webinar will explain the legal background of hazardous operating licenses, help you to determine your obligations and give you a brief introduction to the procedure of application to an operating license. Professional suggestions and CIRS recommendations will be outlined for your reference. The whole seminar is free of charge, if you want to register the event.


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The SAWS of China to Issue the final version of Guidance Document of Physical Hazard Identification of Chemicals


19 June 2014, the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) of China issued the final version of Guidance Document of Physical Hazard Identification of Chemicals. The guidance document is made according to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Fifth Revised Edition and relevant national standards. It is the key technical reference to the SAWS Order 60 - the Measures for the Administration of Physical Hazard Identification and Classification of Chemicals (2013). According to SAWS Order 60, manufacturers or importers have to carry out physical hazard identification and classification at SAWS-approved institutions for chemicals (substance or mixtures) with unknown hazard properties and submit identification and classification report to the National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC). 


More info about this order can be found here.




CFDA Issued the Second Draft Version of the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC) for Public Comments


30 May 2014, The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) have published a notice to invite public comments on the second draft version of the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC 2014), containing 8203 ingredients. The deadline for comments is 15 June 2014. Compared with the first draft version issued on 24 Jan 2014, the new version includes fewer ingredients. CIRS encourages you to check this draft inventory immediately if you are supplying cosmetic ingredients or finished cosmetics to China. To check the draft inventory,


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ECHA added 4 substances to the Candidate List of SVHCs


16 June 2014, The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added cadmium chloride, a phthalate and two boron substances to the Candidate List of SVHC, making a total of 155 substances in the list now. A period of six months is given to companies to notify ECHA if they produce or import articles containing the four newly added substances. Companies have to notify ECHA if both of the two conditions following apply: 1) the substance is present in those articles in quantities over one tonne per producer or importer per year; 2) the substance is present in those articles above a concentration of 0.1% weight by weight. 


More info can be found here.



Taiwan's second supplementary ECN: Only One Month Left


7 May 2014, Taiwan's second supplementary existing chemical substance nomination (ECN) starts on 1 June 2014 and ends on July 31. Don't miss this great opportunity to nominate your chemical substances into the inventory of existing chemicals in Taiwan before July 31, if you imported, manufactured, handled, used, sold the substances in Taiwan prior to 31 Dec 2011. To find out more info about the second ECN.


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CIRS to acquire 11 New Substance Registration Certificates


12 June 2014, China MEP (Ministry of Environment Protection) has issued the 7th and 8th batch of China new chemical substance notifications to be approved for public consultations.


Up to date, over 20% of typical notifications of new substances (>1t/y) approved in China have been prepared by CIRS, 32 typical New Substance Registration Certification has been obtained in total. This shows that CIRS has a strong capacity to support their clients in China REACH compliance

More info about new chemical substances notification in China can be found at CIRS's China new substance registration watch.


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CIRS successfully held the seminar in London: Chemical control laws and GHS in China, South Korea and Taiwan


11 June 2014, Mr Yunbo Shi, CIRS Managing Director and Principal Consultant, spoke in the Joint Seminar with CHCS under the topic of Chemical Control Laws & GHS in China, South Korea and Taiwan at ETC.Venues, London Victoria. Mr Shi presented the chemical schemes in China, South Korea and Taiwan, and explained the differences between EU REACH and those legislations in Asian countries/regions. The seminar was highly praised by the attendees. More info about GHS in China. 


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CIRS Website is available in Japanese


13 June 2014, CIRS have completed its Japanese website. Now you can browse CIRS news, events and other regulatory information in three languages: Chinese, English and Japanese.


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Food additives containing aluminum will be restricted and forbidden in China


14 May 2014, The National Health and Family Planning Commission of People's Republic of China (formerly the Ministry of Health) and other four administrative bodies have jointly published a Notice (NHFPC Notice number 8 of 2014) to restrict and forbid the usages of food additives containing aluminum in China.

This Notice will be implemented on 1 July 2014. Any products containing the listed food additives, which have been produced before 1 July 2014, can be sold on the market until the end of their shelf life. More info about the Notice.


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Tips in this Month:

  1. The English Edition of Catalog of Priority Hazardous Chemicals for Environment Management (PHCs) is now added into CIRS online system, you can try here.

     2.  The English Version of the 2nd draft version of IECIC (2014) can be downloaded here.