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Regional Citizens Advisory Council  

In 1991, CIRCAC was first certified as Cook Inlet's official Regional Citizens Advisory Council. The certification was presented to Board President James E. Carter, Sr., by U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski. (Left to right: Don Gilman, Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor; Bill Stillings, CISPRI GM; Sen. Frank Murkowski, John Beitia, Unocal; Joe Sautner, ADEC and James Carter, Sr.)   

The Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council (CIRCAC) has applied for federal recertification with the U.S. Coast Guard. Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) CIRCAC must receive annual recertification to continue its work. As part of its triennial review process, this year the U.S. Coast Guard is inviting public comment.
CIRCAC has been recertified every year without exception since 1991, its first year of operation. Recertification involves a thorough review and assessment of CIRCAC's effectiveness in increasing safety in navigation and oil facility operations through environmental and chemical monitoring, coastal habitat mapping, technical and contingency plan reviews, risk assessments, public outreach, oceanography, analysis of oil behavior and effects, prevention and response, forming partnerships, and public outreach.

We are seeking letters of support for our recertification. If you or your organization would like to submit a letter on our behalf, please contact us at 907-283-7222 for more information.  
Hilcorp Alaska has announced its intentions to build a subsea pipeline to transport crude oil across Cook Inlet. CIRCAC has long-supported a subsea pipeline as the preferred option to improve navigation safety in Cook Inlet. In 2012, CIRCAC issued a position paper encouraging Hilcorp to take this action. Among our primary concerns were the Drift River Oil Terminal's proximity to Mt. Redoubt, an active volcano, and the heightened risks of spills from tankers transiting the Inlet. Our position was further strengthened with the Cook Inlet Navigation Risk Assessment which recommended a subsea pipeline as a preferred risk reduction option.

Hilcorp is seeking regulatory approval to utilize the existing Cook Inlet Gas Gathering System (CIGGS), which was installed in 1985-86, and extend the line. In addition, Hilcorp will decommission, dismantle and restore (DR&R) the Drift River Oil Terminal facility.

Hilcorp Alaska's announcement is a positive development and CIRCAC looks forward to working with industry and agency partners to ensure the highest standards are met as this new system is developed. 
Meet Filip Reutov, CIRCAC's 2017 recipient of the Captain Barry Eldridge Memorial Scholarship in Maritime Studies
For 20-year-old Filip Reutov of Homer, pottery was more than a hobby. Filip learned the art form in his High School ceramics program as a sophomore, and acquired enough skills to sell his work. His ability at the potters wheel is evident in his beautifully designed, original pottery. But Filip is versatile and has decided to pursue his long-term goals to study marine mechanics. Ultimately, he wants to work in boat engine rooms and sees this as a means to be self-sufficient. With his Captain Barry Eldridge Memorial Scholarship in Maritime Studies from CIRCAC in hand, he has enrolled at the Marine Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida, where he will begin a 51-week program in September.

Courtesy Filip Reutov
Filip graduated from Homer High School in 2015. Initially, his plans after graduation were to attend a school in Washington as a member of their soccer team. After those plans fell through, he spent the intervening two years working as a commercial long-liner and gillnetter with his father and two brothers on their boats. Working around boat engines whet his appetite to learn more about marine mechanics and what an asset it would be to know how to repair and maintain outboards and diesel engines. He applied for school in Florida and got 8 scholarships, including CIRCAC's. Filip was encouraged to apply for CIRCAC's scholarship by his high school counselor and said they will go a long way to help with off-campus housing and the $27000 tuition.

While this will be Filip's first trip to Florida, he comes from a well-traveled Russian family. Filip is the son of Lavrentii and Antanida Reutov, whose family made its way to Alaska from Russia via China, South America, and Oregon. The Reutov's still have relatives in Paraguay and Uruguay. Filip says he'd like to visit Europe one day. We have no doubt that he will. Congratulations, Filip!
Courtesy Filip Reutov
Courtesy Filip Reutov

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